June 2012 update – Moving onwards, getting nowhere

Jun 30

Whoop, its payday!

Got the bus into work today as I have no car, and I will be indulging in afternoon alcohol.  The bus was on time – although I thought I had missed it, as no one was standing at the brick shelter. I strolled up to the stop, and the bus pulled up… its like buses should be!! Have i moved to Utopia in the night?

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Ok… It’s time to face up to problem… I’m opening the mobile phone bill!

Jun 25

Keeping track of how you use your mobile contract can be a bit overwhelming.  If you are like me and your scared of going over our allocated bundles, you always keep your phone calls to a minimum, leaving a large chunk of the tariff unused; but then there others who consistently exceed their data or minutes allowance and would benefit from paying a bit more up front.  Here are my tips for cutting back on the phone bill!

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Roadmap to debt free.. With pooor credit…

Jun 22

People with a credit score of below 600 marks are termed to have bad credit. It is a bit difficult to obtain personal loans with less than 600 credits. However, it is possible to get a bad credit loans as the facility is available. People with bad credit history are always afraid of applying for personal loans as they think that they will not be granted the loan due to bad credit history. They’re certainly right to look to these types of loans rather than payday loans, for example, as the payday lenders definition of who they should lend money to isn’t perhaps the greatest as, despite their high interest rather, they don’t even conduct a credit check so have no real idea as to whether an applicant can pay it back in the timescale, causing even more problems and further damaging someone’s credit score. Personal loans, however, work differently, and those looking to get a bad credit loan in particular can read on to discover more about the process and what this loan entails.

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Setting A Budget to Get Out of Debt

Jun 15

When you’re still young and feeling frisky, spending money you don’t have and buying things you don’t need and can’t afford for some reason seems smart. However when the bills come due and the money dries up the fun has stopped. You need to make a plan to pay off these bills and get out of debt. But what is the best way of doing this? How does one set up a budget to get out of debt?

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Booking a cheap holiday? It is possible!

Jun 13

Maybe you think that going on a holiday could not be a cheap thing to do, but there are some fairly cheap package holidays and Paris weekend breaks that you can consider and save some money. If you have worked hard throughout the year, you definitely deserve a holiday. However, you are unlikely to spend your hard-earned money just for a few days away from home. So, what can you do? There are a few tips to remember which will give you an idea of when to book, where to go, and how to get what you need and want.

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