4 Reasons Shop Owners Are Still Reluctant to Let Go of Plastic Bags

Jun 22

We as humans can’t seem to get enough of plastic. While the one-time plastic bags usually garner the most criticism, there are plenty of other plastic products we use every day. From plastic food containers to toys made from hard plastic, our addiction towards this man-made material is undeniable. There has been a lot of talk about banning one-time-use plastic bags. Countries like Bangladesh have done it successfully, while others are still contemplating the economic repercussion of banning plastic bags. Shop owners and businesses are commonly blamed for buying branded custom carrier bags in bulk and then giving them away to customers. While environmental activists fight for a complete plastic ban, the answer may not be that simple. Following are 4 practical reasons why plastic bags are still used by large big-box stores we well as local grocery shops.

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Know Your Money Saving Options on Healthcare

Jun 14

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One of the biggest letdowns in the world of health insurance was the Affordable Care Act which was enacted in 2010. Being a questionable legacy of the Obama administration, the ACA failed miserably at providing affordable health insurance to the masses. Since a new administration took office, the individual mandate has been repealed (yet still in force in 2018) and in 2019 the business mandates will be repealed as well.

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Refused business funding? Here’s what you can do

Jun 01

When you start up a new business, it’s likely funding is necessary. Whether that involves stock, equipment, staff wages or even alleviating cash flow issues – you may need a loan. However, your application will depend on the ability to make repayments, as well as the lender’s confidence. It is, generally, less tasking to obtain business finance if you have information regarding previous revenue, with realistic sales forecasts. Startup business face more of a struggle and, Business Rescue Expert – leading insolvency practitioner firm in the UK – is sharing their tips for those who have been refused funding.

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