Fun Ways to Make Money at Home: Bingo!

Nov 01

In this day and age, there are countless ways in which you can make money at home, such as through blogging, freelance work, and advertising various products via your social media pages. However, one of the most fun ways to earn from the comfort of your own home is through playing online bingo. It probably isn’t wise to aim to make winning at bingo your primary income, but it is perfectly possible to win some big cash prizes for yourself on the side. Many keen bingo players are already bagging their selves countless bingo wins each month, and so long as you are sensible and strategic with the game, then you can win at bingo too!

Pick More Median Numbers

Many bingo enthusiasts believe that by deliberately choosing bingo tickets with more median numbers, they boost their chances of winning. This idea relates to the Tippett theory, or the Tippett number system, which is based on the “perfect average”.  Tipett’s theory suggests that within a game of bingo, the more numbers are called, the more these numbers will gravitate towards the middle. In a game where the numbers range from 1-99, the median would be 45, and in a game where the numbers range between 1-75, the median would be 38. This theory has never been extensively proven, but it may well be worth giving it a shot.

Play More Games

If you spend more time playing bingo, then of course you are much more likely to hit success. There are thousands of different bingo websites out there, each offering a variety of different bingo games, so you definitely have plenty of choice. However, just be sure not to get too carried away. Bingo is great fun, and offers a great opportunity to win money, but it should never take over your life or your finances! Consider how many games you can realistically afford to play per day, or per week, and set yourself strict spending budgets if you feel you need to.

Play Games with Lower Attendance

By playing games with lower attendance, you of course improve your chances of winning because there will be fewer players to compete against! Look to play games on less popular websites, or at generally less popular times. Peak times tend to be in the evenings and on the weekends. By avoiding these times and trying instead to play early morning or mid-week sessions, then you should be able to boost your chances of bingo success. However, do bear in mind that sometimes having fewer competitors can mean smaller cash prizes.

Work Out What Time of Day is Best for You

Whilst playing at off-peak times is sure to boost your chances of winning, there is no point in playing a game at midnight if you’re just too tired to concentrate. Some people are naturally night owls, and can function fine at late hours, but that might just not be workable and realistic for you. Think about when you are best able to focus, and work around that as well as the quieter game times.

Keep a Bingo Journal

If you are really serious about winning at bingo, then you might want to consider keeping a journal. Over time, you are likely to pick up countless tips and tricks, and by storing them all in one specific notebook, you will easily be able to refer back to them whenever you need to. Online bingo chatrooms, as well as YouTube, are great places to pick up further tips.

Limit Distractions

Winning at bingo usually involves solid concentration. An all too easy way to miss out on bingo success is through not paying proper attention to which numbers have been called already, and which haven’t. Don’t try to multitask whilst playing, mute your phone, and play the game in a place that is nice and quiet.

Playing online bingo can without a doubt win you some big cash prizes, which, in part, is why the game as become so incredibly popular in recent years. Bingo is great fun, however, always be sure to play sensibly and responsibly. Definitely enjoy the occasional win, but don’t get too carried away with wanting bingo success.

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Nov 14

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