A quick guide to holiday let mortgages

Mar 27

Purchasing property with the intention of using it for holiday letting purposes can be both lucrative and a sound investment, especially in areas with a high tourist influx. Investing in such properties has the potential to generate a significant source of passive rental income.

For example, Brazil’s tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and lively culture draw tourists year-round. So, it would be a good idea to buy property in desirable locations like Rio de Janeiro or coastal Bahia that can provide attractive rental income from foreign and domestic travelers. Similarly, investing in properties in sought-after vacation spots like Cancun, Mexico, or Bali, Indonesia, can bring in steady rental earnings. It’s all about choosing the right location to make the most of your investment.

Furthermore, the emergence of platforms like Airbnb has simplified the process of finding guests for your holiday rental property, enhancing the potential for lucrative profits. Additionally, there are several ways to secure financing for your short term rental, such as traditional or conventional loans, asset based loans and holiday let mortgages.

However, the concept of a holiday let mortgage may be a source of confusion for some. Let’s clarify this matter with some key facts.

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Planning for the future with funeral plans

Mar 09

When you make plans for the future, you have a much better chance of achieving what you want, without the interference of the unexpected or unwelcome.

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Now it’s March, are you on target for this years budget?

Mar 07

The most common New Years resolution for people is to try and spend less in the coming year, and budget themselves. We all know it’s easy to make them but sometimes a little hard to stick to. Winter doesn’t leave a lot of options for cheap social activities with the kids, and we all know that food shopping goes up in the colder months because we all want ‘Winter warmers’ for dinner. Before you know it, Christmas comes around and despite all of your best intentions, you haven’t actually saved or started your shopping early. So how are you for this years budget, and how will you ever know? Thankfully, there are plenty of budgeting tools that can help you manage and analyse your budget.

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