Thinking outside the box when buying a house

Apr 17

There is more than one way to secure a property in your name…

If you’ve been looking into a company that can buy my house fast then it’s a sign that you’re in need of a new house. But buying a house just isn’t as simple or as easy as it used to be. With house prices constantly rising, many young people are left trying to come to terms with the idea of never becoming a homeowner, earning them the nickname ‘Generation Rent’. This doesn’t just apply to one country, but throughout the world homebuyers are trying to find a way they can buy a house that won’t put them into serious debt. Whether they are planning on brick-and-mortar homes, or are thinking about getting prefab/mobile homes through Florida Real Estate companies, they want what is best for their situation. All of it can be a bit of a minefield without the proper resources and services.

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A quick guide to holiday let mortgages

Mar 27

Purchasing property with a view to using it for holiday letting purposes may be lucrative and a good investment.

However, the question of the holiday let mortgage sometimes causes a little confusion. Let’s clear that up with some key facts.

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What is a high ratio mortgage?

Jul 18

When referring to a mortgage on a residential property, a high-ratio mortgage is one in which the borrower borrows more than 80 percent of the real estate security. In the case of a self-employed borrower, generally those mortgages in which the amount loaned is more than 75 percent of the real estate security are considered to be high-ratio. Put another way, if your down payment is less than 20 percent of the purchase price (or appraised valuation) of the property, you are considered to be seeking a high-ratio mortgage.

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The benefit of a mortgage broker for Canadian homebuyers

Jul 11

If you’re a first-time Canadian homebuyer, the process can be a bit overwhelming. It’s not just the fact that your home is likely going to be the single largest purchase you will ever make that can be daunting, although that’s certainly part of it. The right mortgage, however, can make the difference between making a good investment by buying a home and making a big financial mistake that will affect your finances well into the future. If you want to do some additional research that can help with buying a home, you can read posts that can be found at to make notes of your own that you can reference.

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How to save money on your first mortgage

Feb 26

CC image credit to GotCredit of

Getting a foot onto the housing ladder can be a great feeling, but it might stretch your finances to the limit. Chances are, your biggest expense once you settle into your new property will be your mortgage (view this link for more details), so it’s important that you find the best possible deal. This brief guide offers some useful suggestions to help you save money on your first home loan.

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How to Financially Survive 2013

Dec 17

After the festive period it’s not surprising that many of us are finding ourselves a little short on cash. It’s the most expensive time of the year and every year we like to push the boat out a little only to find ourselves worrying about how to get through the coldest months. Especially now with the economic situation being the worst in recent memory people are wondering how to make what little they have last. So here’s our top tips on how to financially survive 2013:

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