The Finest Shopping Malls over the World

Oct 30

As the desire or need to travel for work or pleasure as the case may be, it is becomes important to be able to purchase memoirs that remind you of your vast travelling adventures. However, considering your travel destinations may be quite foreign to you, it may come in handy to have a detailed description of some of the best places to shop for family and loved ones. We have made a compilation of some of the most astounding shopping malls all over the world.

Wafi Mall and The Dubai Mall

One of the most amazing places to travel to is Dubai. It has a truckload of culture and the architecture is just to die for. Two of the best malls in Dubai are the Wafi Mall, which is renowned for its opulent décor and variety of shopping stalls, and The Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world by total area. Built in 2008, the Dubai mall has over 1200 shops and spans an area of about 1,124,000 square feet. The Wafi Mall is famous because it is built in the shape of an Egyptian Pyramid and its walls are decorated by hierographics and statues of pharaohs seated next to the white pillars. This malls are one stop shops and houses everything you need to purchase all under one roof. From food, jewelry, clothing, art and many more. Most of the shops will readily accept all major visa cards.

Mall of America

Commonly referred to as the mega mall, the Mall of America is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It is located outside the twin cities, (Junction of Minnesota State Highway 77 and Interstate 494) and is so large that it can hold seven Yankee stadiums within the mall. It has over 400 shops and receives more than 40 million visitors on an annual basis. You can buy everything you need from shoes, clothing, jewelry, food, dolls, electronics, indoor theme parks and many more. You can purchase the cheapest train tickets to get to the mall from the Metro Transit of the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority. South China Mall.

Located in Dongguan China, the South China mall is the second largest area after the Dubai mall and is built to house about 2350 shops. It was modeled to represent seven international cities; California, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Egypt, Venice and the Caribbean. It has a replica of the Venice Bell Tower St. mark, a canal with a gondolas and an obscene sized indoor roller coaster. It has all you shopping needs but is not very accessible to a large part of the population due to its location.

Golden Resources Mall

Also located in China but in Beijing city, the mall has 6 floors, a large leasable cosmetic area, an ice skating rink, a supermarket and houses more than 2000 national and international brands of electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry and more.

SM City North EDSA
The Southeast Asia mall located in Quezon City in Philippines, is the third largest mall in the word in terms of leasable area. It is an architectural landmark and is has a reputation as the largest one stop shopping mall in the Philippines and all of Southeast Asia. It has over 1100 shops including more than 400 eateries.

Most of these major malls accept all the major credit cards but just to be safe, it is be important to carry cash at hand as well.

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