Car Accident Settlement

May 16

More than six million vehicle accidents happen every year in the US. Fortunately, a majority of these accidents only involve vehicular damage. However, 1 in 3 of these accidents includes personal injury to the driver or other road users. Of this number, 2 out of 10 accidents result in fatal injuries.

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What is flood insurance?

Nov 05

For some parts of the UK, a glorious summer ended with a bang when the first of the year’s flood warnings was issued by the Met Office, reported the Telegraph newspaper on the 13th of August 2018.

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What is the best static home insurance?

Jul 18

The insurance that is best for one static homeowner might not necessarily be the best for another.

Individual situations can be very different from one static to another. Generalisations about the insurance cover can be risky!

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Why home buyers should think about life insurance

Feb 01

There’s a long list of financial considerations people make before purchasing a new home. Eliminating debt, saving for a deposit, and budgeting for the mortgage-all are front of mind when entering the property market. Once the purchase has been made, homeowners and contents insurance are viewed as necessary to help protect this asset.

But what about life insurance? If you’re entering the housing market or recently purchased a property with the help of professionals at Bernard Group (they are known to offer a great choice of properties that one can check by visiting, you may want to consider adding a life insurance policy to your financial portfolio.

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6 reasons to use a life insurance broker

Oct 31

Why use a broker to secure life cover? Won’t they add their fee onto the cost of the policy? Will they funnel me towards their preferred provider to maximise commission?

Actually the life insurance industry is heavily regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (or FCA) and if you select the right broker, there are many benefits for us consumers.

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Quick guide to surgery insurance

Oct 24

Here is a quick overview of the main points associated with surgery insurance.


There is no universal pre-definition of something called surgery insurance.

Different insurance providers will see the risks and cover required, differently. As a result, it’s important to think about your unique situation and its risks then to look carefully at the cover offered by a policy to see if the two match-up.

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