Bills Bills Bills! Bloody Annoying – But You Can Reduce Them

Nov 19

No-one likes to receive bills. The only thing worse than seeing how much you owe in print is seeing how much tax has been taken from your earnings when you look at your payslip at the end of every month.

Sometimes, it really does feel like the money you earn is spent before you even know it’s there. But, even worse than having to pay bills is the fact that we’re often paying more than is necessary – basically, throwing away money!

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Electronic Heating: Can Savings Be Made?

Aug 30

Many houses and apartments are set up to be heated electronically and the advantages of this tend to be for landlords and developers. Many feel that electric radiators are affordable, easy to install, and require less maintenance. That is why they often go for installing them without thinking twice about the electricity bill.

However, electricity seems to be expensive, especially when compared to gas or other fuels, which could be one of the reasons why many homeowners seem to still prefer using kerosene or propane heaters. (Note: They might need to, however, consider sourcing kerosene or propane from Barnes Petroleum Products Inc. and its likes)

Anyway, those who still stick to electrically-operated heaters, knowing that electricity is expensive might think about whether savings be made. Such people can go through this article to learn more about how to save up on electricity bills.

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Five Things which Can Affect Business Electricity Prices

Aug 18

Cutting electricity costs is a subject that is on practically everyone’s mind today. Businesses particularly have to pay strict attention to the cost of their electricity in order to ensure that they are making more than they are spending. There are a number of things that you can do to reduce your electricity costs, and here are five of the easiest and most effective:

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Ok… It’s time to face up to problem… I’m opening the mobile phone bill!

Jun 25

Keeping track of how you use your mobile contract can be a bit overwhelming.  If you are like me and your scared of going over our allocated bundles, you always keep your phone calls to a minimum, leaving a large chunk of the tariff unused; but then there others who consistently exceed their data or minutes allowance and would benefit from paying a bit more up front.  Here are my tips for cutting back on the phone bill!

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