Ok… It’s time to face up to problem… I’m opening the mobile phone bill!

Jun 25

Keeping track of how you use your mobile contract can be a bit overwhelming.  If you are like me and your scared of going over our allocated bundles, you always keep your phone calls to a minimum, leaving a large chunk of the tariff unused; but then there others who consistently exceed their data or minutes allowance and would benefit from paying a bit more up front.  Here are my tips for cutting back on the phone bill!

At a time when many of us are committing to longer contracts, one of the easiest ways to quickly save some pennies is by making sure we are on the right mobile contract from the beginning and using our bundles effectively.

One way to work out what kind of user you are, gain control of your tariff and save some money is by paying a visit to billmonitor.com, a mobile comparison site that is currently offering free access to a new unique mobile service called Bill Check-up. By analysing your bills every month, Bill Check-up helps you to save money and ensures you get the most from your existing mobile contract.

Created by Oxford mathematicians and accredited by Ofcom since 2009, billmonitor.com started as a free to use mobile price comparison site.  It analyses your online bills to find out exactly how you use your mobile phone, evaluates all the contract deals in the market and then matches you to the right contract so you pay no more than you should. A massive 76% of the UK is on the wrong contract and billmonitor has already helped thousands of customers switch to the right contract for them.

billmonitor.com has now extended the service to include ‘Bill Check-up’ to help people get the best value throughout the lifetime of their mobile contract, not just when they get a new contract. Bill Check-up:

  • Lets you know whether you’re under-using or over-using your mobile phone contract for minutes, text, and data. It gives advice on how to make the most of your allowances and optimise your current tariff so that you can save money
  • Advises on roaming/international/other bundles as needed, based on usage data
  • Provides a reminder of how long you have left on your current contract. When you reach 5 or less months to go, billmonitor will match you to alternative contracts suited to your individual usage pattern

So if you are either locked into a long contract and want to know how you can make the most of it, or are shopping around for a better tariff for your needs, pay a visit to the website. In terms of saving money, using billmonitor could be one of the biggest favours you do for yourself – it’s an easy way to get the insight you need to help you spend more wisely on your mobile.