May 2012 update – Messing around with the house repayments – Kicking the payments down

May 30

Righty -o its Friday


I have booked a cheeky half day (I had 52 days leave after being on maternity leave and its fairly sunny and my boys are at home and DD2 is going to her dads for the weekend) – really I just fancied it.

I have calculated the sums and done the maths again, and made some readjustments. In the short term, Im going to make less massive inroads into my debts, once we move I shall have an additional £500 to plough into the debt.

Taking it from 1450 to 1950 per month. The reason that the additional payments of £100 are being cut is to pay for the holiday and pay for the rest of the work on the other house, so we can move faster. I will still be overpaying on my debts by £50 a month though. Additionally, I have had a rethink.


Pay off Phone Bill


If I pay off my old Vodafone account, the default is still going to be there for 6 years anyway. I dont want any additional credit right now, and Vodafone is being charged at 0%, so why settle it this month (apart from on an emotional level I would have loved it) I will roll with it, make my regular payments til I get our holiday and then settle.

I had a discussion, last night with the DH. He is a treasure, and fully supports this process, but says things and “forgets”. Example. School uniform night last night, the spend was horrendous as its all got to be from their suppliers, credit card still showing zero balance but wont til that little lot hits, bring on exasperated mum and frantic updating of figures and ringfencing of money in the savings on the spreadsheet to make the payment (yes have the money but using the card like a good girl to get the interest free for 30 days thing) and recalculating and checking still on course for the holiday… yes good, with adjustments, can have our family break no bother.


Joey’s PC


OH pipes up about collecting his new computer today (he works in Tech Dev and needs a decent machine at home, he also makes a bit money on the side doing tech support) and also his hobby is gaming and the old one wasnt up to par. So we saved and budgeted and bought the beast, got deals, money off and bought local so we could collect and no delivery charge. Then, in passing, he mentions some game which is coming out, he normally downloads them he said, but would really like a copy of this one, blah blah.

I said we each have a budget of £20 we agreed on, which is for fripperies. If I want something, I will save my £20 up. I have been using it on damned twixes though. He was saying about a one of spend of £35 for a game and mentioned he still wanted his magazines and books for the month too. I could feel my blood start to boil and we had the conversation *again*. Now hes generous with me, but I wont spend anything on myself. My role seems to be as spoiler. 🙁 I am getting my hair done at the weekend of the 25th, but I am using the birthday money I resisted investing. Its not the cut, those are budgeted for its my fancy schmancy colouring with foils and faff.

Well following this little uproar and outrage, we discovered it was pre order now, and is out in August, his birthday is September. I said ok then, pre order it, and its from me to you for your birthday, then I can get him something from “the kids”. I need to realise my mindset has changed, and people are along for the ride but sometimes need reminding of the situation.

Anyway, DH has just texted me, theres another item been collected from my ebay sales, and another £50 towards the holiday fund (investments are suspended during holiday saving time too, but shall resume once this has passed!)


Just get on with it…


Eeh eck. But its a hard journey at times this money malarky. Anyway, back to the half day. Im going to the post office on the way home, then home, where I will do washing and I will try and start cutting the grass til the lads get back. I will then take DS to the doctors despatch DD2, do a half hour of ironing, list a couple of ebay items in turbolister, and count up loose change £2 coins update spreadsheet, etc. Box of chocolates eh, but of an unexpected chewy last night. Love my family – just want to build a strong future (not at the expense of strong memories), so onwards onwards xx

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