How to Find a Great Cash Back Credit Card Bonus

Nov 29

Credit card sign-on bonuses are becoming more and more popular, and it’s becoming rare to find a credit card that doesn’t offer some kind of bonus within the first few months. However, that doesn’t mean all credit card bonuses are created equal. There are many different credit card cash back bonuses out there, and if you want the best one, you need to know how to find it. Here are the four things you can do to find the best cash back credit cards.

1. Check the Spending Requirements

One of the first things you should do to find a good cash back credit card bonus is to check the spending requirements to receive that bonus. Some credit cards may have a bonus that’s only achievable if you spend over $10,000 in the first three months. This may be great for businesses or people with fairly large budgets, but if you’re pinching pennies, it won’t be something that you’re likely to be able to achieve without overspending.

2. See Whether There’s Introductory APR

Introductory APR is a feature available with many credit cards. With an introductory APR bonus, you’ll be able to get a reduced APR – often as low as 0% — for a few months after you’ve signed up for the card. Some credit cards may extend this introductory APR bonus to up to 12 months or more. The 0% APR offer can be a good way to meet spending requirements for a cash back bonus, especially if you already have a large purchase coming up, as you can finance that purchase across your introductory APR period.

3. Determine the Annual Fee

Most people look at an annual fee near the beginning of looking at a credit card, which makes sense. After all, annual fees have the ability to really impact how you manage a credit card, especially if they’re very high. However, it’s a good idea to remember that cards with annual fees can be very helpful, as they also give credit card companies the ability to offer more benefits. Set a maximum cap on the annual fees you’re comfortable with spending, then try to find a card underneath that cap.

4. Check for General Cash Back Rewards

Although a sign-up bonus can be extremely valuable, it’s also a one-time bonus that you’ll only get within usually the first three months of having a credit card. If you want to see how a credit card will benefit you in the long run, make sure you’re checking for cash back rewards that you can access over the entirety of the time you have your credit card.


A cash back bonus will always be a great way to kickstart your credit card purchases. No matter how big or small, it’s a great way to save a little bit more on your first few months of having a credit card. With these decisions, you can find a cash back credit card bonus that’s best for your needs.

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Oct 10

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Freedom Debt Relief: Our Look at Credit Card Debt by the Numbers

Aug 23

Nerdwallet conducted an extensive study called, “2016 American Household Credit Card Debt Study.” They found that the average American household with credit card debt had racked up an average balance of $16,425. These numbers are significant to us at Freedom Debt Relief, but you might be wondering what the big deal is.

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6 Hidden Benefits of Prepaid Cards

Dec 16

Prepaid Visa cards offer so much more than just a reloadable plastic card that can be used anywhere major credit cards are accepted. Listed below are some overlooked advantages of prepaid cards:

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Changes in Credit Cards and What This Means for Everyone

Jun 23

You need to know that major changes, designed to help your money stay safe from thieves, are coming to your wallet soon. If you live in the United States, or operate a business there, the deadline for change is October 1, 2015. Chip and PIN cards will be implemented to replace the usual magnetic strip cards currently used.

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Shoes, Wonderful Shoes: Money Saving Tips for Stepping Out in Style

Feb 12

If you’re like many women, shoes are one of your favourite accessories. They almost always fit, they go with every outfit, and you can use them to express your style. But sometimes you can be left wishing your shoes were a bit friendlier to your wallet. Fortunately, there are ways to find great deals on shoes, so you can stock up on your favourite trends and styles on a dime.


Off-Season Shopping 


One of the most commonly known ways of saving money on your shoe shopping is to purchase shoes off-season. Wait until the very end of the season, or purchase well into the next season. That way, you’ll always be stocked up on your favourite styles and trends, but you’ll have purchased them at drastically lower prices. For instance, if you see a fall fashion you absolutely love, wait until you’re into winter before you purchase them. Then, the shoes will be drastically discounted, but still fashionable.


Classic Styles 


Purchasing shoes in classic styles can ensure your shoes will go with everything. By owning a few classic shoe styles, you will need fewer pairs of shoes, and can save money. Another reason that buying classic styles can result in lower prices is that the stores know those items are always in season. Instead of having to drive up prices to sell shoes that are the “fashion of the week”, so to speak, they can keep a relatively low price year-round, knowing that the shoes will sell. A classic knee-high, low-heel boot is always in style, as is the classic pump in neutral tones.


Colour Me Trendy 


Feel free to buy colourful shoes if that’s your style. Brighter colours tend to have some of the best deals, as unusual colours need to be moved through the selling process and out of stores much faster than neutrals, which can be sold any time of year. Having classic cuts in brilliant colours you wear often can help you stand out and stay fashionable on a budget. Having classic colours like red, blue, pink, and green are always good, but feel free to get as unique as you want.


Sign Up for Newsletters 


Most designers, stores, and brands have newsletters you can sign up for. These emails come straight to you when new products release, and often give you the first go at sales and deals. By getting in on sales early, you can usually find your size and preferred style, and save money doing so. Newsletters usually send out coupons, coupon codes, and secret sales to their followers and subscribers, giving you access to some great deals that others don’t necessarily have the opportunity to capitalise on.


Rewards and Bonuses


If there are brands, designers, or stores you shop often, you might be able to sign up for a rewards or bonus programme. Sometimes you are rewarded for shopping a store often, other times you are offered rewards or discounts on multiple-item purchases, and sometimes you are offered other types of deals for being a frequent shopper. Finding cheap shoes doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favourite stores and designers, it just means you have to seek out the right rewards programmes and discounts in order to find amazing prices.

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