April 2012 update – Don’t really know where to start. All these debts. Time to face up to them! £62,595 to go

Apr 30



I’ve not really done all tha bad with my debts.  I mean I do leave within my means to an extent.  When Jess was born I was on Maternity leave for a year and I started to think about setting up a few new projects.  I didn’t really do much – I started a blog then didn’t do anything with it and then before you know it a year has gone by and I haven’t done anything.  Ive not done well enough, and I waste money.


Current Debts


Here are the debts in a nutshell…

Personal Loan:
Opening Balance: £6,500
Closing Balance: £6,500

Tesco Credit Card:
Opening Balance: £1,400
Closing Balance: £1,433

Owed to Family:
Opening Balance: £15,000
Closing Balance: £15,000

Car Loan:
Opening Balance: £6,400
Closing Balance: £6,400

Natwest Credit Card:
Opening Balance: £2,070
Closing Balance: £2,410

Personal Student Loan with SLC:
Opening Balance: £12,950
Closing Balance: £12,950 (est)

Loan from Brother

Opening Balance: £17,902
Closing Balance: £17,902


Closing Balance: £62,695


Wasting Money


Wasting money is so easy. Its a packet of crisps from the work canteen at 48p, when a packet in a multi pack works out at 22p. Its getting a Christmas present for a cousin for £25 when you budgeted £20. I need a kick up the backside, support and a bit of advice.


I work full time and I have one kiddy, she is 4 now and is preparing for school as I type this.  She is so messy (get down Jess!).  I am with my partner Joey and I live in a rented house. I also have a house which was awarded to me as a divorce final settlement (10 years after the fact) which we are renovating, and thats both an art and a bit of a mess to fix up.  Joey and I plan to move in to stop throwing away the £350 a month on rent when we are also paying a mortgage.


Right now we cant live in the house, its only just been plumbed in and needs quite a bit of fixing up. We are on course to have part of the mortgage released from retention. I’m not sure if this a good idea!?  I am starting again and keeping a diary on the blog. I am going to give myself some targets and try and check in regularly, during my break at work. I’m on an eBay binge too – I sell everything on ebay.


I just need to regain control and get a grip.  I’m going to be updating the blog regularly.  I will check in next month!


Do you have any comments or suggestions?  Please use the box below and get in touch!


Sal x


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