Electronic Heating: Can Savings Be Made?

Aug 30

Many houses and apartments are set up to be heated electronically and the advantages of this tend to be for landlords and developers. Many feel that electric radiators are affordable, easy to install, and require less maintenance. That is why they often go for installing them without thinking twice about the electricity bill.

However, electricity seems to be expensive, especially when compared to gas or other fuels, which could be one of the reasons why many homeowners seem to still prefer using kerosene or propane heaters. (Note: They might need to, however, consider sourcing kerosene or propane from Barnes Petroleum Products Inc. and its likes)

Anyway, those who still stick to electrically-operated heaters, knowing that electricity is expensive might think about whether savings be made. Such people can go through this article to learn more about how to save up on electricity bills.

Changing Supplier
This might sound like the most obvious option for people looking to save money but recent reports by consumer group Which? have suggested that people phoning to change suppliers are not being offered the best rates available. This highlights how important it is to do the proper research if you are intending to switch supplier.
Mike Wood MD of The Economy Radiator Company says “Many of my customers have also echoed the findings of Which?” adding “The best way to check energy tariffs is to use the online comparison sites, UK Power being one I would recommend, always check the rates and try to get to as near 8p kwh for electricity as possible.”
Changing Heaters
If you currently have poor quality electric heaters with inaccurate thermostats you will be wasting energy due to the heaters being active for longer than they need to be. A good heater will be made from a lightweight conductive metal such as aluminium and have a programmable, digital thermostat. You should look for electric heaters that are powerful enough to offer 1kw of energy for every 14 cubic metres of space in a room – this will achieve a comfortable temperature of 22 C or 72 F. However, you might consider contacting a professional for the assembly of the unit, wiring and, connection. You can hire some electrician from your neighborhood or search online – electricians near me.
Changing Tariff
A number of people are paying over the odds for electricity because they are on the Economy 7 tariff. Economy 7 is useful if your home uses storage heaters because it offers 7 hours’ worth of discount electricity through the night (midnight to 7am in most cases).
To recoup the savings Economy 7 offers during the night it has increased day rates; and this is where many people experience problems. A number of homes have had storage heaters replaced with traditional electric radiators over the last few years but the occupants have remained on the Economy 7 tariff – meaning they are paying up to 66% more for their electricity during the day than they should be. If you do need to use your heating during the day this tariff is no use and should be replaced with a standard tariff.