Halloween Themed Invitations

Oct 25

With the horrors of Halloween fast approaching, many of us will soon be preparing for a night of parties. Many of us will be participating in certain traditions such as dressing up in costumes or carving pumpkins, but where do these traditions come from and why do we do them?

Halloween is sometimes called “All Hallows Eve” or “All Saints’ Eve” and is said to be originally influenced by the Western European Harvest Festivals and also, the Pagan Festival of the Dead. It’s celebrated in many countries over the world on the 31st October and involves many odd traditions including trick-or-treating, costume parties, and telling ghost stories often in haunted places.

This link to ghostly-beings relates to the origins of Halloween coming from the Pagan Festival of the Dead or the Celtic Festival of ‘Summers End’. It was seen as a time when the doors open to the ‘other world’ and the souls of the dead would come into our world. During this period people would hold feasts and take steps to ward off the evil spirits which is where many of our traditions come from. The tradition of Pumpkin carving in which the top is cut off, the seeds inside are scooped out and a scary face is cut into its side is a symbol to ward off evil spirits.

Today’s celebration of Halloween tends to include dressing up as the traditional gruesome figures alongside other less traditional costumes, such as: cats, fairy’s, or Disney characters. Many places host Halloween-themed parties and carnivals, such as Mr. Bones pumpkin Patch, to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

If you’re hosting your own party this year you’ve probably already plotted out your costume and decorations, but have you thought about the invitations?

Halloween can be a popular time of year for parties so if you want people to attend it’s a good idea to get your invites in soon. If you’re feeling brave and want to have a go at creating your own gruesome designs, there are plenty of companies online who offer this facility. The leading design and print company instantprint also have a great online service where you can create your own bespoke invites. You can either choose from a template or use the design online service to create unique and beautiful prints.