A bingo site where you gain more than you lose – Game Village Bingo

Nov 14

Hey, my lovely readers I have always made it a point to provide you with information through which you can save or earn money. If you remember some were even as out-of-the-box as pre planning for a funeral, money saving tips especially for students and how can you plan a last minute trip and still save up a whole lot of money. Quiet recently I found out another fun but amazing way of saving up or gaining money through a source which most of you classify under expenditure. It’s none other than bingo folks. Surprised? Well don’t be as I am about to provide you with information about one particular bingo site that I came across recently which pays out much more than you need to spend.


The other day I was generally surfing the internet when I thought that bingo is a good way of making money but can we save too? I realised that what is required is extensive research about almost all the bingo sites available in the market so that I can provide you with the information required. It took me almost one whole week and I zeroed in on Game Village Bingo. A bingo site which opened their doors in 2007 and has been going from strength to strength since then .


game village


To begin with you need to pay a £5 and you would receive a 400% bonus. Meaning you can play with  a huge £25 just for spending a mere fiver. I also found out that offers like this are available in a few other sites but they are seasonal. However for Game Village Bingo the offer is available throughout the year. That’s not all as after  the first round of monetary bonus you can go ahead and spin their ‘Fortune Wheel’ where you would get anything starting cash prizes to free bets and thousands of bingo tickets. Winning has never been so easy. It seems this bingo site knows what you want and thus they also have another 200% and 300% bonus on the second and third deposits.


At Game Village Bingo they provide you with opportunities to earn money even if you lose. Yes you heard me right fellas. They have a very special offer where ‘Everyone’s a Winner’. Play their specified hour of bingo each day, and if you do not win any of the game prizes claim a full refund. It simply blew my mind as bingo is a game where you would spend to win but if you don’t win your money is gone. But here if you don’t win they give you a refund. Other ways of gaining cash here with you having to spend any is by referring a friend. So if your bestie becomes a funded player both you and your friend would receive a cool £25 each. Also like them in Facebook, the place were we all love to be. So like then and instantly get a £3 into your bingo account. So friends go to this site and get the perfect dose of bingo long with some cool cash prizes.