June 2012 update – Moving onwards, getting nowhere

Jun 30

Whoop, its payday!

Got the bus into work today as I have no car, and I will be indulging in afternoon alcohol.  The bus was on time – although I thought I had missed it, as no one was standing at the brick shelter. I strolled up to the stop, and the bus pulled up… its like buses should be!! Have i moved to Utopia in the night?

I got into work half an hour early, and did some work, which allows me my time out now, as I didnt clock that time.  It was amazingly quiet for that first half an hour, and I was very productive, I may do that more often, as once phones start ringing and people arrive and theres the morning howdy hellos and how was your evenings it slows up alot, and the phones begin to ring and the emails come in with questions which require use of brain….. other such annoying things.

Walking home…

I could ask to work from home, however I am not the best candidate, there are too many distractions and my work, while being fairly well paid and responsible, is what i call wooly.  We dont make anything, we just have ideas on how things can be changed and provide some more ideas on how this will work.

We back all this up with some tricksy financial ness and flowcharts and things, which is kind of solid, but still… wooly.

Its pretty nice work, the investigations are good – its like Murder she Wrote without the murder and velour 2 piece… and then you have your ideas!

Todays plan:

1. Go for meal with colleagues, and have a cheeky cocktail. However, I always end up feeling underdressed, its tough being the one who doesnt clothes shop. I am still “streamlining” getting rid of things I no longer want. I am not puchasing at all!!  The sun is shining, we have had sooo much rain lately, its real bonus!! the grass needs cutting, so will hopefully dry out and I can get that done… at some point over the weekend….

2. Go home and do a good clean and sort… OH does not work fridays, he compressed his hours and looks after DS. When I get in, revitalised and all go, I shall say my howdy hellos and we shall get some things tidied and put away, and clean and sort out! It wont take much but I want it nice. Bring on the buckets of flash… I may try and cut that grass….

3. Sit and do a few ebay listings on turbo lister. Ive been a bit rubbish at getting the new things listed. I am just clearing decks, so want them out the house, the money is nice but its not the motivation, and it works out more lucrative that way!! I shall watch my soaps too.

4. Update spreadsheet after this months payments have been made. Will be nice to see the figures coming down. Might even hop back on here and update my sig too!

5. book holiday

6. Bath and bed.

Tomorrow is the hair do and school reunion. We will also be doing passport photos too. We have babysitters at our house so I want it clearing up!!

Have not heard from DD2 today, and as the music starts at Glastonbury I hope they are allowing her a lie in, she needs at least 9 hours sleep.

my plans for the weekend are VERY busy, the car should be repaired today (there is another bloke doing it) and initial reports via text from DH report Bonnet Is Up!!