Booking a cheap holiday? It is possible!

Jun 13

Maybe you are thinking that going on a holiday could not be a cheap thing to do, but there are some fairly cheap package holidays and Paris weekend breaks  that you can consider and save some money. If you have worked hard throughout the year, you definitely deserve a holiday. However, you are unlikely to spend your hard-earned money just for a few days away from home. So, what can you do? There are a few tips to remember which will give you an idea when to book, where to go and how to get what you need and want.

Before booking a holiday you have to decide for yourself whether you want to organize your trip alone by reserving flight tickets and a hotel or if you want to go on a package holiday. With the package holiday, it is the tour operator that offers everything and you get one price at the end. With the self-arranged holiday, you have to organize everything alone, but you can go off the beaten track, stay in hostels, etc. In general the package holidays are cheaper when the trip is for seven or more days.  Thus, if you need a relaxing holiday in one hotel or Dubai apartments – use the tour agency that offers it. On the other hand, if you are going for a city break or a long weekend, or when you intend to visit a place that is not that popular, you can arrange the trip on your own.


Another important aspect to consider is that the later you book, the cheaper the price would be, but you will have just a limited choice of options for your flights and tickets. So, if you want to pick from a great variety, book earlier. When we say to book later, we mean that this should be no more than eight weeks before your departure. In case that you do not care where you will go and just want a cheap price. you can leave the booking for a very late date like a week or so before you go and you might get a very cheap holiday. If you do insist on the place and the period of the trip, you can book very early like nine or eight months in advance and you will get a good discount as well, even though not that good as the very late deal.


An important trick that you can do is to go on a holiday when this is not possible for the majority of people. You will get a better price and less crowded hotels, spa centers, restaurants. In this way you will have a great and relaxing vacation. Also, if you like a certain holiday or destination, check the travel agents that offer it and pick the one that gives you the better price. Usually the major tour operators are usually more flexible and can offer you a better price. So, pick the destination, go through all the important details and check if it is within your budget, make the booking and start packing.