Withers & Rogers

Jan 22

About a year ago, after years of planning and procrastinating, I finally went into business with a group of associates. The main reasoning behind my constant delays when taking this step was the seemingly endless financial and logistical details that have to be taken into consideration and dealt with day in, day out. I wasn’t overly worried about the finances so much looking back, but it was more the complications of IP law that was one of my main concerns. Having almost no experience of business between us all, we were a little lost as to what it all entails and were worried that we’d get caught out in some way.

In retrospect however I wonder what we were so worried about in all honesty. I think at the time we were entirely oblivious to the fact that there are experts in all areas of the business field. So we eventually went looking for personnel and organisations that would help us with the legal aspects of our work. After some searching we found a firm from London, Withers & Rogers, who specialise in the laws of IP. And I would probably say it was one of the best decisions we made over the growth and progression of the business. Once we had enlisted their services they revealed and explained aspects of IP that we had no idea even existed, and it soon became apparent to us that it is an area that needs close attention and protection. Their advice on how to cover and protect your ideas from competitors in the market and what to do in the case that some sort infringement is made was invaluable. I am almost certain were we not to have gone to them we would have made some horrendous errors that could have really cost us.

Believe me when I say this though it was a massive help having a professional, knowledgeable company on our side to guide us through the details and complexities of quite a confusing string of laws. I would recommend this firm without hesitation, not just because of the faultless service and insight they provided, but it simply makes life so much easier in the long run.