Why Mobile Trading for People on the Move is increasing in Popularity

Oct 18

Mobile trading allows the technology to take the strain, and provide you with a platform to enjoy whenever you feel the need. This amazing application has revolutionised the way that traders access their information, and check the latest money markets. With something as simple as a mobile phone or Ipad, you can now access your account regardless of where you are in the world.

The global financial crisis has made the money markets incredibly volatile, and people like to be able to access the information immediately. If decisions need to be made regarding shares and stocks, traders can enjoy the flexibility of this application. You can make instant decisions regarding your money, and ensure that you are comfortable with the decision that you have made.

The amount of people that have begun to use the mobile trading application is incredible and has proven that there is a need for this platform. Over 40% of trades are being placed through the City Index application, which is an amazing amount. With the technology improving, and new tools being installed this figure is set to rise again.

The developers want to ensure that the tools that are offered are unique, and offer the same experience as if you were on your PC. Once the facilities and tools are the same as what you are offered through your PC, it is believed that a huge surge in people will begin to use this platform.

Mobile Trading Infographic

Traders enjoy the flexibility that the application offers, and will want to continue using it when the developments are made. The figures for the mobile trading may appear low; however, the people that are using the application are enjoying the results. With the steady stream of users ensuring that the application continues to be a success, developer’s feel that City Index will be benefiting soon.