Jul 15

Everybody knows that plastic carrier bags are cheap, not overly durable and bad for the environment. Once your customer has returned home the bag is normally tossed into the rubbish. It then lives out the rest of its very long life in toxic landfill.

Why not supply a bag to your customers that could be re-used? What if that bag was also durable and had your company logo on it? The customer feels good as they have a fashionable bag, and they get to help save the environment. To top it off you get free advertising with the bag being re-usable.

Need more convincing?


  • Canvas bags are naturally sourced and eco friendly.
  • Canvas is strong and durable; unlike cheap carrier bags.
  • It’s comfortable to carry when fully loaded.
  • You can can recycle 100% of a canvas bag.
  • Canvas is incredibly fashionable at the moment, especially on the high-street.
  • You can easily advertise on a canvas bag. Most designs can be screen-printed without issue.

Canvas bags are fashionable, made from 100% eco-friendly materials, and can be reused. You can also brand your bags for some free advertising. Customers get a great bag to use around town; you get brand recognition from the free advertising.

Making the switch to canvas as your choice of bag will also help you net the new breed of eco conscious shopper. You can even incorporate your environmental ethics into your advertising. Your bags can be re-used and not just for trips to the high-street. Let people know that you’re an eco friendly store, helping customers do their bit for the environment.


Supplying re-usable and eco-friendly canvas bags can also help bring down your costs. Returning customers will more than likely bring their canvas bag with them. This means you will not have to supply additional bags with every sale. This also gives you free advertising for no additional cost as your logo will still be on the bag.

Canvas bags can be ordered wholesale to keep costs down; this also makes them ideal for general store advertising as well as unique advertising campaigns.