Why are Plumbers so Expensive?

Nov 06

A good plumber can earn a huge amount of money – everyone has heard the story of university lecturers leaving their jobs to become plumbers.  I personally think this is an urban myth but nevertheless the message is not lost.  Plumbers make a decent wage.  Much more than you might think their qualifications justify, but I am here to explain to you some of the many reasons as to why plumbers are so expensive.

If you need a plumber it is more than likely that you need one immediately.  The bath is leaking water, which is subsequently soaking through the floor into the living room below, and you need it fixed before any substantial damage is done.  It is due to this emergency status that plumbers can implement such charges as call out fees.  This may seem like they are taking advantage of a desperate situation but it is simple economics, supply and demand.  Your demand is high and the supply is limited so the price increases.  You would if you could.

This leads me onto the second point; this spike in demand can happen at any moment, and due to the way the world works it almost always happens on the weekend.  As such, much like any other profession, plumbers get paid more on the weekends as it eats into their free time!

Most people know how to clean out the u-bend underneath the sink or any other day-to-day plumbing issues.  But believe it or not, a good plumber does actually undergo a lot of training and has very specific knowledge in their field.  It is this expertise and experience that you pay for because if it were so easy then you would simply read about it on the Internet and fix it yourself!

Finally, being a plumber usually involves getting your hands dirty.  The universal truth is that people do not like cleaning out their own muck whilst on their knees trying to reach around a toilet.  I know that someone would have to pay me a decent wage to do so…

All of these factors (and more) combine to make plumbing a very profitable business.  Watchdog expose fraudsters that give the industry a bad name, and some of the prices do seem a little inflated.  However, there are respectable tradesmen out there who are reasonably priced such as PPBS – Chelsea Plumbers who offer their services in the area.  So when you pay a call out fee and have to front the bill for someone removing some heinous blockage, just remember what he or she have had to do before you complain about the price.