Ways To Save Money On Your Fall Wardrobe

Oct 23

Moving into the fall season, warmer clothes are an imminent necessity. If you have a family, that need expands. The total can quickly rise when you consider that everyone in the house needs long pants, jackets, hats…etc. Most people just get startled by the tall order placed upon them. Don’t let this happen ever again. Equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure that you don’t overspend on weather-appropriate clothing. Here are a few helpful ways to save money on your new wardrobe for the fall season.

Shop for Fall in the Summer

Shop on the off season for fall apparel. When all those long sleeved shirts and comfy pants are on sale in the heat of the summer, buy them! You should do the same thing with all of the different seasons. When it gets cold outside, you will see all the summer clothes going on sale. Just keep an eye out at season changes, and always think ahead. This could honestly save you almost fifty percent overall on your wardrobe budget.

Buy quality clothing

You may not see the savings on the price tag, but if you purchase higher quality materials for the fall season you will see that those items will save you money in the long run. This is especially true for mens loungewear items and other homely clothes that are likely to see daily use as it gets colder during the fall months. High-quality materials can withstand more washing, more drying, more wear, and tear, and can often be repaired even when you think they’re ruined. Plus, your kids may not wear the knees out of a good pair of Levi’s as quickly as they might with a lower-quality pair of jeans.

Host a clothes swapping party

Hosting a clothes-swapping party is a fun and inventive way of obtaining new clothing for any season. Get your friends together, and ask them to bring any clothing they wish to part with. Then you can all take turns swapping clothing to fit your style best. You may even end up revisiting some of your former articles of clothing if you and your friends repeat this each year. If you have children, then they’ll enjoy the socialization time with their neighborhood friends. All while you “shop” for free.

Don’t fear the consignment shop

You shouldn’t fear buying used clothing at a consignment shop like Goodwill or your local thrift store. You can wash pretty much everything. Just wash it before you wear it, and don’t buy your under garments in this type of shop. You can clothe a family of five for a hundred bucks or less if you play your cards right. Also, when you’re through with the clothing you’re currently sporting, you can always recycle them to Goodwill. Just save the receipt they give you, and you can claim that donation on your taxes. So, overall… You’re paying a tiny fraction of what you would pay buying brand new clothing.