Ways to Reduce Your Motoring Bills

Apr 26

Most of us today could not get by without our cars; whether we use them for work, pleasure or travel and, as much as we would like to spend less time driving, it is not always possible to do so. What you can do however, is reduce your fuel and motoring costs so that driving becomes less of a strain on your and your family. This helpful guide offers the best tips for reducing your motoring bills without having to give up your much-needed car.

Reduce your speed

First and foremost, excessive speed will eat up your fuel and cost you more money in the long run. Speed limits are there to save lives but they can also save you money so remember to keep your eye on your speed if you don’t want to end up refuelling more than you need to.

Shop around

When searching for motor insurance or renewing your current one, it is a good idea to shop around to find the best deal. Even if your previous one was the best offer around at the time, things change and it may not be the best option anymore. When it comes to renewals, make sure you don’t let it automatically pass you by; get out there and find a better deal. This also goes for breakdown and recovery services as well. Budget Direct’s Roadside Assistance can help you find your perfect cover for the perfect price, so you can be rest assured that you’ll always get help if you ever run into a problem whilst out on the road.

Drive smart

Like speeding, driving recklessly can also eat up your fuel intake and damage your car, leading to more regular servicing and repairs. Excessive braking for speed bumps, over-revving and crunching gears can all make inroads in your fuel consumption and could end up damaging your car as well.

Even if you drive perfectly, eventually your car is going to need a service. As with your car insurance, you should look around to find the most appropriate options, regardless of whether you need to make simple oil changes, Auto Glass Repair or if you have to change engine parts. So, try looking at vehicle workshop chains and local garages to find the right offer for you.

Regular servicing will help you to identify problems at the start, rather than waiting until something major happens and you are left with a hefty bill. For instance, if you find trouble starting up your vehicle every morning, it might be a wise idea to visit a nearby car service station and check what is causing the trouble. It is possible that the ignition system of the car is not working properly. Nevertheless, it can be repaired by replacing faulty car parts like solenoids or spark plugs. Make sure you replace them with high-quality parts (look at these Cummins Solenoids for instance) that can prevent further car troubles that can cost you a fortune.
Car sharing

One great way to save on your motoring costs is to drive less, but with most of us having to get to and from work every day, this isn’t always possible. Car sharing is a fantastic way to share the cost of commuting and gives you a break every now and then from rush hour traffic. Take it in turns day by day or week by week and you’ll see a significant improvement in your fuel and servicing bills.