Water Saving Tips for the Home

Mar 14

How can you save more water in the home? Like any utility water is wasted, and you’d be surprised at how much you waste in the kitchen, bathroom or garden. This infographic, produced by Guarantor my Loan, shows you how to reduce the amount you use without making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Your water company can also help – they can give you special gadgets to reduce the water used in your flush, or to make your taps more efficient. Some other quick tips:

Always do a full load of laundry, it’s more efficient
Use a bowl instead of running a tap to wash up
Invest £5 in a trigger hose, this will mean you don’t waste water in the garden
Buy a water butt, rainwater is free!

Read on to get more water saving tips for your home.

Infographic by: www.guarantormyloan.co.uk