Vonage: Helping You Keep in Touch With Family and Friends Abroad for Less

Apr 04

Whether you have a kid who’s studying abroad, family or friends that live or work overseas, or you’re a home business that needs to keep in touch with suppliers and clients outside the UK, the cost of international calls soon adds up. But you don’t need to let pricey phone calls get in the way of staying in touch. Today’s communications technology means that everyone should be able to talk freely, no matter where they are in the world, for less.

And that’s exactly what Vonage has set out to achieve. Vonage is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that allows you to talk via the internet and Wi-Fi rather than via your regular phone line, saving you a bundle on landline charges and call rates. It means super low cost calls and unlimited call packages to destinations all over the world, so you’ll no longer have to worry about budgeting for talk time, and you’ll never have to hang up that phone wishing you could talk for longer – now you can.


All you need to do to make unlimited international calls from your landline is have an existing home broadband service and a Vonage Box connected to your router. You can also use the Vonage Extensions app to make UK and international phone calls on your smartphone via the internet, bypassing the traditional phone networks. As well as being a cost saver, it’s also a great solution for mobile users who suffer from poor mobile reception at home.


Vonage currently has over 2.4million users worldwide, and they’re not all friends and family, they’re businesses too. It’s a company that’s dedicated to helping small businesses and home-based businesses get their start-ups off the ground by helping them slash their communications costs. In fact, Vonage is so dedicated to helping start-ups and small businesses that it’s just been named an official partner of the New Entrepreneur of the Year Award at this year’s National Business Awards.


You can check out the full range of Vonage call plans, rates and products at their website to see how much you could be saving by plugging your phone into your computer rather than your phone socket. For those with friends and family abroad it really can give you the freedom to chat for longer, as well as making a huge difference to those monthly phone bills.