Virgin Media Mobile!

Apr 21

Virgin Media is all about saving you money. We’re not talking about its cheap, great-value broadband and tempting tariffs for your mobile, either. This time, Virgin Media has created a thrifty guide designed to save you money through the use of mobile apps and more!

It includes things such as mobile messaging; using WhatsApp to send data instead of texts messages, and calling; making the most out of Skype for free international phone calls.

It’ll even predict the total amount of money you could save! It instructs you with regards to billing, and why you should always choose paperless (not least for the environment), as well as exploring the handy BillMinder app, which’ll help you keep track of your payments.

Travel is one expense that all city-goers endure, but Virgin Media’s money-saving infographic even has tips to make sure you can get from A to B in the cheapest way possible. Whether that’s using London Tube Exits App, CityMapper or Waze.

So if you love saving time and cutting costs, then visit the infographic here!