Useful Tips to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Sep 22

There is no need to learn how to make major car repairs by yourself to try and save money on maintenance and repairs. You aren’t qualified to be making big repairs by yourself so it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. The other day my friend tried to align her wheels by herself and managed to make it worse for her car. It would have been much cheaper and less effort if she just got a wheel alignment service Chantilly to do it for her. But, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t be doing some basic checks and maintenance to keep your car going. Arming yourself with knowledge of how the automotive repair industry works may be enough to shave off some of the cost.

By paying attention, it will become clear what to look for and when to spend. For example, if you live in a big city, there is no shortage of repair service providers to choose from, and competition often stimulates many of them to lower the prices they charge. For major problems, such as ignition replacement or a lost car key, for example, it’s better to contact a local auto locksmith in London, then a few more local companies and choose the most cost-effective solution.

The tips below serve as a great way to start saving money on car maintenance.


Review the Owner’s Manual

Starting from the basics, reviewing the owner’s manual will provide a good foundation. The owner’s manual will tell what the suggested maintenance schedule is, and better prepare the reader for what to expect and when. An advantage of having this information before any repairs need to be made, allows the customer to be a bit more financially prepared.

Find a Good Repair Shop

Having a trusted repair shop is a major part of car ownership. Customers like to know that they will not be duped into unneeded expenses and will not have sub-par work done. Those who are not familiar with a trustworthy repair shop, should ask neighbors, friends and family about which repair shops or locksmith companies they recommend to deal (or not to deal) with.

Make sure that the chosen repair shop is tidy, has certifications from the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in at least eight major spheres, including brakes, engines and steering and suspension. If you plan on browsing online to find a reliable repair shop in your area, then websites like that of Pickering’s (an auto repair shop in Arvada CO) display their certifications and specialization areas to give you a better idea when choosing. A great way to test out a local business is to take the car in for simple routine maintenance like an oil change.


Take Note of Additional Service Charges

Be sure to ask any relevant questions about the service they are offering, or about the vehicle in general. Take note of any additional maintenance services that they suggest and refer back to the owner’s manual, to make sure that it matches what is expected for the mileage. Choosing to proceed with suggested repairs may save money in the long run.

Get Cheaper Storm Damage Repairs

After a storm, whether it be a blizzard, hail, or any other form of natural weather occurrence there is always going to be some form of damage to your vehicle unless it is stored safely in a garage. In the case of damage, it is important to get the right repairs for the relevant damage. For example, if you have dents from hail damage then you would simply need an auto dent removal service that can efficiently remove these for you and save you more money than if you would have gone to a garage for a basic fix-up job. Therefore, it is always important to go to the relevant professional for the correct problem.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

One important thing to remember is to pay attention to the warning signs. If the check engine light comes on, take note and get it checked out as soon as possible. Putting it off may result in a small issue turning into a larger one and eventually causing major problems. One thing that can be done is checking the gas cap. Sometimes, if not replaced correctly, that may trigger the check engine light.

Minor issues that you can fix by yourself

Don’t be afraid to learn how to fix things yourself. Some routine maintenance, like changing wiper blades, is so easy that it isn’t even intimidating and it only costs the price of the blades after the process is learnt. There’s also the option to buy other parts for discounted prices online. Checking these against local parts stores and dealerships could save a good amount of money. Finding specialists will also save a little bit of money. In general, repair shops tend to charge a bit more than a mobile auto locksmiths in London, due to their high rent expenses.

Locksmiths follow a strict set of rules and usually must start as an apprentice. Car repair and maintenance doesn’t have to be stressful-arming yourself with knowledge and confidence will help in many different ways. The ability to do the simple jobs yourself (and not letting repair shops price gouge) will always pay off.