Travel Incentives for Your Business

Dec 17

We’re living in an age of austerity – where getting more for your money is essential; even on purchases made as a business. Here, we’re going to look at how you could get more for your money on business travel.

With more businesses operating on national and international levels, a lot of money is being used to cover travel expenses. This can be a large drain on a company’s finances – but there are ways in which you could get ‘something back’ for the money your business is spending on flights. One such way is by registering for an Air Miles scheme.


Air Miles is a well-used and highly-valued travel incentive programme – which offers rewards for purchases made. For example, every time your business purchases flights through selected airlines, you can collect Air Miles, which can then be redeemed against further travel purchases such as flights, upgrades, car hire and even hotel accommodation.


Air Miles were initially intended to be used in this manner. However, individuals can now claim Air Miles on a variety of purchases, too. For example, when someone fills up their car at the petrol station, they may be able to collect Miles there – just like they could do when buying food at their local supermarket.


For businesses, schemes like the one operated by SACP open up the chance to really get something back when they purchase flights.


A plethora of popular airlines participate in travel incentive programmes – from Air Canada and Lufthansa through to Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Airlines… so it’s likely your business will benefit from taking part!


Air Miles – saving money as a business

As covered, businesses that sign up to an Air Miles incentive scheme can benefit greatly from their travel expenses.


Whether a business purchases flights on a daily basis, or just one or two per year, the Air Miles accrued for these will soon add up to offer some significant discounts on future travel. Then, a company might be more inclined to treat their employees to a private jet, perhaps booked on Jettly or a similar private jet booking site, to really show them how much their work matters.


What’s more, schemes like the one we mentioned above actually offer businesses ‘bonus’ introductory Miles for just signing up… which can be enough for a free upgrade on your next flight – and with free membership, your company won’t have anything to lose.


Another benefit of a scheme like this is that it runs alongside an individual’s frequent flyer scheme – offering yet another reason for businesses to sign up.


Are there any limits?

As with any points scheme, there are some restrictions – but these aren’t likely to affect your business greatly. Limitations will often be linked to the airlines who take part in the schemes and the destinations you travel to. It’s an unavoidable cliché, but the sky really is the limit with Air Miles for businesses.