Trainee Programs in Big Companies

Sep 28

Companies spend billions of dollars yearly on training. The biggest chunk of the training budget often goes to trainee programs. In a quest to position themselves strategically in their industry, talent search is a critical metric for corporates. They are all over the place looking for talent. New graduates in specialist fields are normally highly sought after. The intelligence behind these trainee programs is to tap and nurture new talents that will change the face of these companies. For the more information you can get essays on effective hr management.

This article focuses on five big companies with renowned trainee programs.

PwC Trainee program

PwC is one of the world’s largest accounting, financial advisory and Tax Company. It has a presence in many countries around the world. The company runs a trainee program for students out of college. The program design is designed to provide students with real work experience-practical experience. The target for these trainee programs are university students in the 3rd or 4th year of their college education. Some of these programs are great hiring tool for the company as well.

Ernst & Young trainee program

This is another huge Assurance, Tax, Transaction Advisory and Legal services global conglomerate. The company has an active trainee programs in all its global offices. The program is designed to last between 3-p months depending on where one is attached. Their trainee program enables students to study the inside out of the people, technologies and businesses of Ernst & Young. For many students, this program presents opportunity, inspiration and challenges in an active business environment. This ensures that one is equipped for a busy career, ahead of them. In the USA, the program absorbs at least 50 students each year.

Google trainee Programs

The world’s search engine giants Google have a great trainee program for student engineers. This program is geared at encouraging and motivating the engineers of who will shape the future as far as Google related technology is concerned. Google also has a number of trainee initiatives in different offices in the world. These ensure that the conglomerate, albeit indirectly, has ambassadors all over as well.

Tetra Pak Trainee Program

The essence of the Tetra Pak is to motivate the next generation of engineers. Their trainee program is called the Tetra Pak Young Talent Program. The main target for this program is talented, motivated and newly graduated engineers. In terms of the program scope, students are incorporated in a working department within the company. They use this position as a base to learn their specialist trade. The training program is focused not only on Tetra Pak as a business but it also connects students to industry experts, connections, etc.

Encana Trainee programs

This is another big company with trainee programs. Theirs is geared at new graduates in land, engineering, accounting, geology and geophysics. These graduates benefit from skills, confidence and new methods which enable them tackle the new changes that face them in future. The highlight of their program is job rotation. This helps create all round employees of the future.


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