Trading and You: Determining Your Trader Type

Nov 22

Trading is a high-end profession in which there are several people who are a part of this to make it work. Within the realm of trading there are certain types of people, which make this trading, going round. Without the numerous types of traders, the trading world would not be as half as stimulating as it is for these people. The new infographic “What Type Of Trader Are You?” offered by CityIndex is one of the ways in which a person can find out the answer to this question to better understand their trading tendencies. Through having a better understanding of one’s trading tendencies, a person can rest assure they are trading successfully, and it also helps for a person to know just what they are up against in the trade world.

There are five types of traders addressed by this infographic, which are the Fundamental Trader, the Long Term Trader, the Technical Trader, the Swing Trader and the Day Trader. All of these trade styles are going to have many differences, which set them apart from one another. For example, some types of traders are going to be hyped with performing numerous trades per day and trading when stakes are high. Other types of traders are going to be looking at the history of the trade to determine whether this is a trade, they are interested in or not. The success of each trader will rely on just what type of research they put forth in their trade and their trading tendencies.

What type of trader are you?