Top Ways to Finance Your Valentine’s Day

Feb 18

Most of us have had those moments when your partner asks what you have planned for Valentine’s Day and you are caught short, without the means to come up with any good plans? In years past, Mum and Dad might have been a good choice to go and ask for some assistance for some cash, but with the economy as it is, they are probably not the best idea this year. Valentine’s Day can be expensive, and with it being the most popular day of the year to propose to your partner, it often comes with the expense of engagement rings. If this is the year you’re thinking of proposing, head to Gema & CO or another similar jewellery site to do some research on rings and get budgeting! Budgeting is the best way to keep on top of your finances during the month of love, but here are some other top methods of funding to keep you in good graces with your special someone.

Payday loans

Payday loans are one way to get money quickly. The thing to keep in mind is that this is a loan that you will have to pay back when you get paid. Also keep in mind that the interest charged on the money you borrow is often high. You should do some shopping around before just picking a payday loan provider at random, so you can make sure you get a reputable and trustworthy company and not a fly-by-night one. Keeping these in mind and with a little research, your plans for Valentine’s Day should be on track.

Credit cards

If a payday loan is not what you want to opt for, you may try using a credit card. Nowadays, it is hard to find a lot of cards with good interest rates but with good credit it’s not hard to track down some with a 0% interest rate. One bonus with credit cards is that you do have the luxury of more time to pay the balance off before the total amount is due. As long as you pay your minimum balance, the company will remain happy with you. Another plus is that if you are careful and pay on time, it will help to build your credit up slowly but surely.

Save up through January

Another plan if you think of it in advance, would be to save up your money through January. Even 20 dollars a week could make for a comfortable movie rental and a nice dinner out with your lover. If your plans are a little bit grander, you may want to save more depending on your needs. If this is the method you choose, you should consider planning out the date to the last detail and sticking to it to make sure you stay in budget; or making sure you pad the budget for the unexpected expense.

Shop sales

Another method if you run out of time for these other options is to shop the sales on Valentine’s Day. Many stores start their special sales of Valentine’s items on the day or the day before. This is so they can shift them quickly, so that they don’t have to store them until they have to return them to the manufacturer. These sales mean many savings for you on almost everything from chocolates to cards to flowers. While you can’t guarantee what is going to be on sale, on these days you can be sure of good discounts.

Make it at home

Should push come, then a do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day might be your best option. With a little effort, imagination, and time you can have a sweet romantic candlelit dinner in your own home. You can either watch a romantic movie or play a couple game like “It Takes Two” together to have a beautiful and memorable time. If things start to become intimate, and you want to get involved sexually, you can get some inspiration from adult videos like those on Porno 71 to have the guilty pleasure you both deserve.

Or if you’re really stretched, even a takeaway with a romantic movie and a foot massage would be a winner if your partner works a standing job. Whilst many people complain that Valentine’s Day is over-commercialised, to do nothing at all would be a shame. You don’t have to spend a fortune; the most important thing is the thought, care and resourcefulness you put in to it.