Top Tips for Keeping your City Break Costs Low

Apr 06

It can be argued that if you want to enjoy a city break on a budget, you may fare better if you stick to smaller cities that don’t overcharge because they know that they can get away with it. However, if you’re a little savvy from the get-go, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a full-throttle break in a major city without breaking the bank.

Whether you opt to book one of the Travelodge hotels in London city centre or you choose to head to Edinburgh for a few days, city breaks don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some great tips to ensure that your costs stay low for the duration of your trip.

Plan your Accommodation Wisely

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to choosing where to stay on a city break. It’s inevitable that big cities such as Edinburgh and London will pile on the pounds when it comes to the cost of a fancy hotel room, but don’t feel like you need to head straight for the boutique hotels, because you don’t have to.

Even major cities have affordable options for those who are on a shoestring, providing both comfort and value for money. Make sure that you book ahead so that you can take advantage of any early bird deals, rather than paying full whack on the day.

If you’re heading off on a city break with friends, make sure you utilise the maximum number of people allowed in one room. For many affordable hotels, rooms are available for three adults, which means that you can save a bundle on the cost per person.

Plan your Journey

Hoping to travel by train? Book as soon as you can, because advance tickets are often far cheaper than they are as the dates draw nearer. If you’re heading to London and will be using the Tube, invest in a Travelcard or sign up for an Oyster Card and top it up before you arrive in the city.

Alternatively, if you’re thinking about driving to your city of choice, make sure that you weigh up the pros and cons. Compare the price of train fares with the price you’ll have to pay for fuel, parking and congestion charges and make sure that you opt for the most cost-effective option.

Utilise Free Attractions

While your itinerary may be packed with sights and attractions to see during your stay, make sure that you aren’t going to be spending a fortune on seeing them. Instead, take advantage of things like the London Pass, or visit the free attractions if you’ve got a strict budget to adhere to.

Museums, for example, are often free to enter (unless there are special exhibitions, which can carry a surcharge) and walks in the park on a sunny day cost absolutely nothing!

If you plan in advance and adopt a savvy outlook, you’ll be able to enjoy a city break without breaking the bank with ease. Whether it’s a UK city or somewhere a little further afield, it shouldn’t mean having to dig deep into your pockets if you don’t have the budget to do so – city breaks can still be enjoyed, even if you do have to be a little more frugal!