Tips to Keeping Money in Your Wallet Through Couponing

Oct 15

Coupon clipping is very much more than a hobby in this day and age. Couponing entails saving a great deal of money through searching for and cutting out coupons for special, limited edition, monthly, weekly, yearly, and daily deals on a variety of different products from a diverse range of companies. The special aspect of couponing is that the items that you typically find coupons for are some of the healthiest or newest products to arrive to a store. In addition to that, the process of cutting out coupons is quite easy, not at all time consuming. With the right strategy of collecting and using coupons there’s no telling what you will end up with in terms of items and saving money. Here’s how to harness the opportunity to save a substantial amount of your hard earned money through couponing.

Sunday Paper

The Sunday paper is the most popular source for coupons. This is because it can be acquired almost anywhere, at your local convenient store and it can even be delivered right to your doorstep. If you carefully read the coupons, they elaborate on limits for the coupon. If you choose to acquire more than one Sunday paper and you responsibly store several of the same coupons you may be able to purchase more than one item for the coupon price. Details are important when cutting out coupons, you want to make sure you can use more than one, and you want to make sure that the money you are using to purchase Sunday papers is a great deal cheaper than what you would spend on the coupon items you select. Having a little patience, cross referencing price balances, and reading the fine print will be a virtue. Normally, coupons will appear in newspapers every single week so schedule to pick some up, and keep your eyes peeled.

Remember to shop early in the ad week, coupons are typically first come first serve. However, many times if you do show up to use a coupon on an item that is no longer available, because you were loyal to the ad week a store may hold an item for you when it comes in and sell it to you for the coupon price. This process is called a ‘rain check’.

Coupon Community

Be a part of the coupon community by joining in amongst the many that acquire sneak peeks of coupons that will be in the upcoming week’s paper. Walgreens for example, will send out emails regarding the upcoming ads, if you sign up for their emailing list and their balance rewards’ card program. Everyone has their own programs, inquire about email list that may sneak a peek of what will come in the following paper. There are also many online sites that list coupons that will be in an array of stores to help you decide where you should go shopping that week to keep the most money in your wallet.