Tips on How UK Students Can Control their Expenses

Sep 08

The cost of living for most students in the UK has gone up by 25% in the last few years and that has put a lot of pressure on both local and international students. The rising cost of education in the UK has affected the life of the students, thus most of them resort to various alternatives that can help them bring down their expenses in some ways. On average, tuition fees in the UK starts at around 3,290 GBP excluding various other expenditures like accommodation rent, bills, food, entertainment, travel, clothes, and other educational needs. A typical UK student usually end up spending around 8000 GBP per year on general living expenses which can affect the overall educational budget. Here are some ways that can help you to balance both general and educational expenses.

Share Room Accommodation

Undoubtedly, as a student in the UK, your largest expense would be the rent you pay for your apartment. Hence, it is recommended that you look out for classmates with whom you can share a room. You can also look at letting platforms like Hybr that offer shared student accommodation solutions in the UK. Cities like Bristol, London and Birmingham offers a variety of student accommodation with the help of such letting platforms that connects landlords with appropriate student tenants. Taking that route, you will be able to bring down your rent expenses and save a lot at the end of the year. Accommodation for students in the UK has gone up to 100 GBP per week excluding the deposit amount. Shared student accommodation can help you bring that rent expense down.

Look for Discounts

It would be best if you keep your educational expenses tracked and under control. You can make use of eBooks that can be downloaded on the web, as well as use secondhand books from libraries that offer them at extremely low rates. Similarly, if you are in need of essay writing services you can make use of UK Essay, a website that provides better discounts to curb your growing expenses.

Hang Out At Home

Food and drinks are important but hanging out with friends at pubs and clubs can burn a hole in your wallet. Hence, you can look out for special deals through the NUS card so you can save money. You can also buy groceries and cook your own meals at home along with your roommates then split bills equally.