Saving money… To buy followers?

Jul 16

My site has been going for around six months, I have 439 Facebook followers and I don’t do twitter yet (I don’t get it).

Social media is a tricky thing, There are services out there like and that offer clever ways of boosting your social profile, but to get there we will have to save a little more first.

1. Make Yourself A Budget

It seems boring but writing a budget is one of the best things a family can do to make sure what’s going out isn’t more than what’s coming in! Make a list of all your household expenses from mortgage payments to treats then you’ll really start to get an idea of how much you’re spending.

2. Be Honest About Your Spending

We all like to think that we spend less than we do, ‘its not expensive, I can afford that’. But once you’ve spent your wages a hundred times in your head and then in real life, you realize that cheap things still cost money; money that you’ve now spent on scented candles and you can’t afford your electric bill – thank god you got those candles!

3. Chose How To Spend Your Money

Take the list of your expenses and divide it into necessities and luxuries (be honest!). Add up all the necessities and deduct that from your wages – this will give you the amount of disposable income you would have if you didn’t spend on all those extras. Now you can sit down and decide what you want to spend your disposable income on, as oppose to letting your kids whining decide for you! For example, if you’re planning to buy a car and you have limited budget to spend, it’s always better to go with a used car, especially since nowadays it’s so easy to find used suzuki cars for sale online at reasonable prices.

4. The Best Things In Life Are Free

And lots of others don’t cost much either! We’re used to spending money to have fun, shopping to give us a buzz. What we need is a return to the way people used to amuse themselves, and I mean way back when before we had television! Making a cake can turn into an event with kids around; eggs, flour, baking powder – it doesn’t take much to create an afternoon of fun, not to mention teaching your kids a lesson they will appreciate forever, after all, who doesn’t love a cake?

5. Keep Receipts – Write It Down

A great way of making sure you’re sticking to your budget is to keep your receipts. At the end of the week add up how much you’ve spent, compare it to your budget and see where you are still overspending and where you can cut back even more – remember your budget should be flexible but not too flexible! Also don’t forget to check all those good deals on free classifieds websites, like to save some money on your next purchases.