Tips on how to spend less money on your car

Jun 11

We all need to get around more than ever these days. But getting around shouldn’t cost the earth. You can start saving on the cost of running your vehicle, if you learn a thing or two and become more conscious of your car habits.

Now, you might be a new driver who has just completed their driving test and acquired a licence. The thought of driving around on your own can be exhilarating, but nobody tells you just how pricey car maintenance and usage can get. Nonetheless, you can follow these simple pointers to get started on the saving spree.

Save on insurance

Use comparison sites when shopping for insurance. This will give you the best value for the protection level you need. Some insurers are not listed on these comparison sites. So, make sure you check individual companies as well.

Cut the cost of fuel

Look for the cheapest prices on your regular route and use that pump regularly. Saving five pence per litre, can save you over 200 a year, on the cost of fuel alone. Some supermarkets with pumps offer a special discount if you purchase a minimum amount at the store. It all adds up.

Man removes cash from wallet


Speeding, braking and rapid acceleration wastes fuel. Miles per gallon decreases above 60 miles per hour. For every five miles per hour that you exceed 60 mph, you wind up paying an extra 15 pence for each gallon of fuel. This means by staying at or around 60 mph, you can save a penny a mile. Now you do the maths, to figure out how much you would save in a month and over a year. Basic things like not carrying extra load, using cruise control and turning off the car instead of idling at a red light, can improve your fuel economy by 3-5%.

Park Your Car Inside the Garage
Keeping your garage organized and utilizing it to park your car can lead to significant cost savings in various ways. For starters, sheltering your vehicle from harsh weather elements such as extreme heat, cold, rain, and hail can reduce wear and tear on the car’s exterior, paint, and tires, ultimately lowering maintenance and repair expenses. Additionally, parking your car in a secure garage helps deter theft and vandalism, preventing potential costly damages or loss. Many insurance companies also offer lower premiums for cars parked in garages due to the reduced risk of theft and damage, resulting in savings on insurance costs. Overall, utilizing your garage effectively can result in reduced depreciation, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced protection, allowing you to spend less on your car in the long run.

Before parking your car inside the garage, however, it is essential to assess its condition. If the garage is in poor condition, you’d want to make the necessary repairs. Consider reaching out to professionals who can provide Easy Garage Door Services; have the walls repainted and the flooring fixed. A well-renovated garage provides a safe and organized space, free from potential hazards that may damage your car. Upgrading the flooring prevents moisture intrusion, preventing rust formation, and other water-related issues that can harm your car.

Additionally, a properly renovated garage with a sound roof keeps your vehicle shielded from external elements like rain, snow, and sunlight, maintaining its exterior and interior in optimal condition. What’s more? Installing extra storage solutions (which can be offered by a provider of garage storage dallas or a business of similar ilk elsewhere) can ensure clutter-free surroundings, reducing the risk of scratches or dents caused by items scattered on the floor.

Regular maintenance

It is very important to maintain your vehicle. This lowers the operating cost and prevents breakdowns. If you are DIY fan and you know your way around cars, you can do the basics like an oil change. However, it is best to use a professional for more involved tasks. For one thing, the tools and equipment at a professional garage cannot be matched by what you have in yours. It’s important to find a garage with the right skills and tools and the right attitude. The Village Motor Company is Wallasey’s longest standing family owned garage business. They have been in business for over 30 years and they were the first independent garage in the area to be accepted into the Wirral Trading Standards Fair Trading Scheme. When you visit Village Motor Company, you are guaranteed an authentic, dependable and trustworthy experience.


Car sharing and car clubs

If you commute by car, consider car sharing with others who share that route. This could be a co-worker or you can find people by visiting relevant online sites and communities. If you live in a city and don’t need to use a car every day, you can look at the options of car clubs. These clubs have increasing memberships and have sites across the city from where you can pick up and drop off a car. Rentals can be by the hour or by the day. The pickup and drop off sites are located conveniently across the city. You only pay for usage per hour plus the fuel. It’s a cheaper alternative to renting a car.

These are but a few of the ways, in which you can start saving the cost of running your car. Follow these simple pointers and start saving today.