Tips for landlords in caring for unoccupied homes

Aug 07

Every homeowner’s dream is always to have their homes rented throughout the year. However, there are occasions when one may fail to find a tenant for one reason or the other.

In such situations, you need to be well prepared on how you will care for the house and ensure that it remains in good condition. This will help you stay away from problems that usually arise in unoccupied properties and will also make renting it out in future a little bit easy.

The first step is to buy empty House insurance cover

It is likely that you have insured your property against any accidents that may occur when it is occupied. However, it is still important to buy unoccupied property cover especially if you anticipate that the property will remain empty for over a month.

This is usually a special type of policy. It offers protection to the property even when it is empty. This is what makes the policy unique from others.

Most insurance companies will always include sections that if a property remains empty for more than thirty successive days, then some claims may be affected in case of an accident. To avoid being a victim of such a clause, you need to consider unoccupied insurance policy for your property.

You also need to regularly check the property.

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Because no one will be living in your house for some time, it is important to check it on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in order.

Water system crisis and other concerns are always likely to be very common if no look after the house on a more regular basis. To avoid these, you need to check the property at least on a weekly basis or even once after every two weeks.

You must also respond to issues swiftly.

There are times when you may fail to notice any impending issues. In such a case, you need to respond to them urgently should they occur.

Problems like the bursting of water pipes usually seem minor but are likely to cause a lot of damage if not addressed immediately. Such may always lead to flooding and even dampening the property. In order to prevent such disastrous situations and the consequences that come with them, landlords might need the help of professionals like the ones available at firms similar to Flow Pros, who could detect the cause of the leakage and pipe bursts. However, in the event that the property has already been affected by the water damage or if there is damp already inside the property, the landlord will need to contact those who can deal with such issues easily. Perhaps the landlord should look into this Coloardo Springs Water Damage Restoration company. They could come to the property and assess the damp. They could also help the landlord to fix the problem, whilst ensuring that the structure of the property remains strong and secure.

You should also turn off your gas and water supply.

This is very important especially if the house is going to be empty for long. This will further reduce the chances of any emergency occurring.

You also need to protect the building from robbery.

Unoccupied houses usually appeal to criminals if it is evident that they are empty.

To minimize the probability of your house being aimed at, you need to install security systems on windows, doors and even a alarm system from a reputable company like safemart security on top of making it look like people live inside. This can be achieved by cleaning the compound, clearing the grass and making the flower bed in front of entrance. You may even consider leaving the lights on at night for some time.

You should also look after the building.

The above tips may be useful in caring for empty properties. It is however important to arrange for empty property insurance cover just to be on the safe side.