Thrift Shopping to Keep Clothes Cheap

May 15

The more your family grows, the more money you will have to spend to clothe them. However, there are several ways to get more apparel for your money, no matter what your budget is. And while thrift shops and vintage stores are a great way to find cheap pieces that will stand the test of time, they aren’t the only way to shop on a budget. For an all-around guide for how to keep your family’s clothing expenses under control without sacrificing quality or style, keep reading.

Go vintage. If you have an afternoon or two to spare, you could find a treasure trove of lightly worn and high-quality clothing at your local charity shops. A lot of consumers overlook these stores because they think they’re full of old pieces that no one wants to wear, but they’re actually a great place to go for expensive brands. A pro tip is to make sure you visit charity shops right before the new year; this is when many people donate their best goods in search of a tax write-off.

Buy one size bigger. It may seem counter-intuitive, but this tip works especially well for fast-growing little ones. For example, the best time to shop for a floral dress for girls is at the beginning of fall, when stores are eager to get rid of summertime inventory. If you buy these kinds of items one or two sizes bigger, they’ll be perfect for next year.

Have a clothing swap. You could find the best clothing deals ever right under your nose. If going to a thrift shop and trying on someone else’s clothes makes you feel iffy, try swapping clothes with your close friends and family. Every six months, host a swap party with music and refreshments; it requires a little investment, but the clothes that you come away with will be well worth it.

Shop from home. Shopping online is often much cheaper than shopping in a brick and mortar store, especially for the nicer brands that you can’t live without. Not only will you have a wider selection to choose from if you search for your family’s clothes on the Internet but you will also be able to compare prices at other locations at the click of a button. This method saves you just as much time as it saves you money.

Keep looking for deals. This is the most useful piece of advice you could take to heart when clothing your family on a budget–never stop searching for discounts. With everything electronic these days, this doesn’t even require a time commitment on your part. Just sign up for email alerts from the stores that you frequent the most — then the deals will come to you, instead of you having to search for them.