The Top 3 Bizarre Money Making Schemes

Nov 23

We’re all feeling the strain at the minute, and thanks to the current economic climate, it doesn’t look like our money worries will be getting any better in the foreseeable future. When money gets tight and the bills are piling up faster than they’re getting paid, the majority of us pick up some overtime at work or make cutbacks to save money but that’s not everybody’s cup of tea! There are a whole host of strange and downright bizarre ways that people have come up with to make money:

You Bought What On EBay?!

Most of us look for second hand furniture or maybe books and games on EBay but you’d be surprised at the odd things people decide to sell on there!

One man from New Zealand was selling the bottled spirit of a ghost that he claimed to have found in a cemetery. We’re not quite sure why he was digging around in a cemetery or why his first thought was to sell it on EBay, but the bidding got up to $316!

People have also been said to buy air guitars and ‘the meaning of life’ on the site; posting those items may have been a little tricky though!

Save My Seat?

We’ve all been in the same situation where you’ve sat in a very busy cinema or in a crowded bar and you need to leave your seat for some reason or other; it could be that you need the toilet or that you want to get a drink. No matter what the reason, you already know that as soon as you leave your seat, someone else will swoop in a take it for themselves.

It’s a common annoyance but ‘hey-ho’ it’s part of life. Well, a clever little street vendor in New York thought otherwise and decided to make a bit of money out of it. He began selling novelty items such as melting ice cream, spilt drink cans and vomit (all fake of course!) as ‘seat savers’.

The theory being that if you were getting up for a moment, you could put down a melting ice cream cone to put everyone else off taking your seat. Who knew you could make so much money by selling fake ice cream? Bizarre but brilliant!

In Your Face Advertising

Big companies and corporations have big advertising budgets and thousands of people have made some money for themselves out of this; for example, we regularly see cars driven around with advertisements plastered on the doors.

However, there are some companies and willing…participants that have taken ‘in your face advertising’ and changed it to ‘on your face advertising’! That’s right folks, there are companies out there paying people to have an advertisement tattooed on their face. One man is said to have earned $15,000 this way. The question remains, however; is $15,000 enough to have a face tattoo advertisement?

Although these bizarre, inventive, worrying and strangely successful schemes to make money make for good reading, perhaps we’ll stick to the day job; selling fake vomit and having a face tattoo doesn’t sound all that appealing to be honest!


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