The Rise of Freelancing: How It Could Help To Earn Your Family Extra Cash

Aug 24

It’s no secret that with our current economic climate in turmoil, jobs are becoming increasingly scarce and times particularly tough. It seems that for this reason, careers today are increasingly about mastering every trade, flittering from client to client and creating offices in every bedroom and coffee shop available.

And it seems that more and more people are following suit. According to the Professional Contractors Group, there are now 1.4 million freelancers in the UK, and there’s a growing trend of employees leaving the traditional workplace in favour of creating a professional life of their own.


Why? Well, it appears that the greater degree of flexibility and the ability to be your own boss are the perfect alternative to the dreary office environment. Because freelancing has become so enticing, people are searching the various ways that they can earn money online and which area would suit them best, from freelance copywriting (check websites such as wealthendipity for more information) to doing tech support from their own home. Flexibility is huge in the freelancing world.


It’s more so for these reasons that an increasing number of parents are also jumping on the freelance bandwagon. The ability to fit work around family life whilst still being able to provide for them through more personal and fulfilling projects, proves to be a winning combination for many.

Whether you’re thinking about leaving your job permanently, or simply just looking for ways to earn some extra cash for your family on the side, here are a few steps to help you earn from freelancing.

Retailing Online


For those who are a dab-hand at being creative, why not use your skills to create a successful side earner by selling your creations online?


From sewing and knitting, to painting, photography and jewellery-making, the internet plays host to a variety of handmade marketplaces where selling your items is easy.


And what’s more, you can get all the family involved in making creations. From taking photographs, to painting and making arts and crafts, you can teach the children new skills, as well as making a little profit.

If you’re also a dab-hand at technology, there’s also a successful market in buying used electronics and refurbishing them to as good as new.

Market yourself well, and you have the ability to make a profitable mini-business.



An increasing number of companies are outsourcing work to freelancers, particularly those who can provide administrative support.


Jobs such as typing letters, book-keeping, web designing, accounting and internet marketing can all be done from the comfort of the home, with access to a computer and internet connection.
Online jobs boards often offer a comprehensive list of all freelance vacancies available. By searching by location, for example ‘jobs in Northampton’, it is possible to review not only what jobs are available, but also to refine your search by keyword and position-type in order to find a job most suitable.



Blogs are increasingly becoming one of the most effective ways to freelance, particularly if you have a passion for writing.

With many parents setting up their own blogs documenting their parenting experiences, work-related issues or just simply writing about their day-to-day happenings, blogging has helped many to earn.

However, in order to do so, it’s important your blog contains high quality, original and interesting content. With this, your blog can start to generate income when joined to affiliate marketers. By linking your blog up to a particular product on a site that sells products, you can earn money for clicks and commission when an item is sold.


This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, an experienced careers writer and mum of three girls. Kathryn specialises in providing careers and money advice for families.