The Hidden Cost of Moving House: Conveyancing

Aug 15 property news author Ewan Robertson writes about the complex costs involved in moving house and gives some quick tips to reduce conveyancing fees.

Moving house can be a complicated business, especially when you’re considering Long-Distance Moving. The process of conveyancing is integral to every home sale and typically undertaken by a solicitor. If done improperly, conveyancing has the potential to be costly, time consuming and may even result in the dissolution of a sale.

Average solicitors’ fees for moving house can vary, however, with a wealth of offerings from online solicitors the market has become increasingly competitive. Most of these websites offer a price beater service so you can make an informed decision and get the absolute best price.

It is important to consider the following items when moving to ensure that you are saving the maximum amount of money.

1. Basic Fees: The basic fees detailed in an online solicitor quote cover the cost of the solicitors time in processing your transaction. This fee can vary greatly between firms so be sure to read all the details. Most UK conveyancing solicitors charge in 1 of 3 ways:
1. On a “fixed-fee” basis (very rare)
2. On a scale that links their fee to the value of the property you’re selling (most


3. On a “per hour” basis (reasonably common)

It is extremely important to note that option 3 should be avoided at all costs as this has the potential to run up the cost of conveyance exponentially.

2. Disbursements: It’s not unheard of for solicitor quotes to include disbursements intended to trick you. Anyone comparing quotes should read all of the fine print thoroughly and ensure that all disbursements are listed in a clear and exhaustive manner. This process of due diligence as a consumer can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

3. DIY: While it is not advisable to attempt conveyancing yourself, there are plenty of other ways to save money while moving. For example, renting a van to complete the removals process independently can save hundreds of pounds while selling your home privately can save you thousands. You also need to try and find a reliable, trustworthy estate agent such as these Estate Agents Hove. A decent estate agent will try and get the most money possible for your old house. Push them for lots of money!

Moving house is a costly endeavour but with a little research you can ensure that the conveyance process is thorough, successful and cost effective.