The Five Famous Entrepreneurs

Sep 05

In this article, we look at the most popular three entrepreneurs ever to have lived. If you want more articles like this one, please check out my blog at

Steve Jobs

Joanne Carlo Schieble brought Steve Jobs in this world on February 24, 1955 with his spouse Abdulfattah. Jobs, however, was put up for adoption and was taken in by Paul and Clara Jobs. Steve Job’s childhood was a turbulent one, but his own innate cleverness and natural resourcefulness enabled him to deal with school work and academic life in general.

What made Steve Jobs very successful was his astute ability to recognize a particular need, and then make a product that meets that need. He then pictured this invented product, and then use his team of developers and technicians make it into reality. Additionally, his talent to identify products to be successful and innovating other merchandise was the foundation of his achievement in the business industry.

Markus Persson

Markus Persson is a Swedish game developer, who has successfully developed the extraordinary gaming known as Minecraft. On June 1, 1979 in Stockholm Sweden, this renowned developer was born. He supposedly went on playing with computers at the age of 7, and by trying out various type in programs, he was able to produce his first game by the time he was 8 years old.

Before Persson made Minecraft, he worked as a game developer and programmer for and Jalbum respectively, for several years. Outside of his career, Persson developed seven varied games for various competitions, and it’s worth mentioning that he is still in the process of developing new games for release. No doubt he has inspired many to develop their own games, although they may find themselves turning to places like Xsolla to help them find the funding they need to turn their ideas into a fully fledged game and launch it into the world.

Matthew Corrin

Matthew Corrin graduated from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He then took up an apprenticeship at The Late Show with David Letterman who is considered to be one of the successful American TV hosts. Nowadays, people tend to show interest in his son harry joseph letterman who is yet to make a career in the big screen. Coming back to Corrin, he got short-term work in public relations. Apart from that, there’s nothing more to go on about Corrin’s personal life.

What made Corrin thriving is his talent to take risks, with a little help from his luck. At the time when he developed Freshii, Corrin had no experience in managing restaurants or retail, which meant that he was green. However, his instincts paid off, and his skill to create a successful brand and dining style helped him to develop his business and increase its profits. It just proves that combination of courage, innovation and raw luck can help you achieve success.

Ingvar Kamprad

On March 30, 1926 in Pjatteryd, Sweden is where the Swedish entrepreneur Ingvar Kamprad was born. His younger years trained him how to be a self entrepreneur just like selling matches, pens, pictures frames and the like in his local town. With those experiences, he was able to develop his business abilities through sheer approach.

Kamprad now is one of the top ten most prosperous persons in the whole world. His childhood merchandizing experience is his starting point in becoming very successful. Unlike Matthew Corrin, Kamprad had many experience in retail, and like Markus Persson, Kamprad knew exactly what sort of items to sell. Nowadays, he was known as the founder of IKEA and a veteran entrepreneur.

Richard Branson

Branson’s very first major break was with Mike Oldfield whose single, Tubular Bells, would eventually allow Branson to sign up various aspiring musical groups to his label. As time goes by, Virgin Records would become one of the six major recording labels in the world. The success of Virgin Records broadened Brandon’s and other singers’ career, and as of this day, Virgin Group includes 200 companies and business under their brand.

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