The Effortless Money Hunt: Living & Earning Online

Dec 14

Money makes the world wide web go round. It is evident that we are yet to realize how this market is influencing not just the global economy, but the civilization as we know it as well. For the most of us this is just old news – we are well aware that the word liquidity in this environment presents a completely new aspect in a completely new form – funds get transferred every nanosecond, the internet never sleeps and right at this very moment there are thousands, millions of us trying to make a buck from the comfort of our homes.

All chances are that you got here because of the same reason. Although it does take a lot of commitment and hard work to establish yourself as a professional in any online industry, there are some simple hacks that can help you earn significant funds with minimum effort. Who knows, maybe some of the following “vocations” will help you earn a fortune right from your very smartphone.

The Actual Truman Show

Remember that Jim Carrey classic, The Truman Show? If you are too young to remember it here is a brief synopsis for your convenience (spoiler alert): An average Joe, actual name Truman Burbank, spends his days in a small, almost idealistic town. He’s got himself the perfect wife, works at a decent job, has a bunch of good friends and it seems that he’s got his life all figured out. One thing that he hasn’t figured out is that he is being filmed and broadcasted all over the globe that entire time for the pleasure of millions. Once he finds out that his entire life was some sort of a sick Big Brother scam – he loses his cool and starts acting out for real. That pretty much sums up the entire flick.


In the contemporary world, almost anyone can be the next Truman Burbank. How? Because we live in a world full of curious Georges who would love to pay you decent money just to watch you eat, sleep or perform your daily tasks. Why? God knows. The only thing that we know is that some people actually make a living just by eating their meals in front of the camera. Apps such as YouNow can connect you to a whole bunch of those Curious Georges who may or may not offer you money to pet a cat, sleep, talk, eat, or whatever for decent money. For obvious reasons, this form of self-employment is not recommended for kids. Although allegedly there is nothing sexual about this unusual trade you can never know who is watching you and for what reason.

The Online Archie Karas

Ever heard of Archie Karas? This guy became famous when he made forty million dollars through gambling. Why is this story so impressive? Well, because he started out with only 50 bucks in his pocket and had an amazing winning streak. Unfortunately, his luck ran out on him and he lost that impressive amount in a course of just a few hands. Gambling was always a passion of high rollers and today you can try your luck from your very smartphone and play online.


Online gambling has become such a lucrative industry that many countries are doing everything what is in their power to legalize it. The taxes alone can add up to a pretty buck and there are literally hundreds of thousands of us who love to play Texas Hold Em with our Facebook friends. Believe it or not, some people actually make a decent living just by gambling online for a few hours a day. Some guys, like the foul mouth jerk in this video, win amazing amounts on the regular. So consider spinning a virtual slot machine at least. Who knows, maybe you are the next Johnny Chan of the world wide web.

The Corporate James Bond

Although you probably won’t get to shoot guns or seduce beautiful women, you can definitely sell information for a decent buck and make some extra money. The truth is – marketers need insights to project needs and eventually ensure their revenue streams, and although some ideas may seem great without an actual confirmation they will probably never get funded. Decision makers believe only in numbers and to get those numbers for decision makers – marketers need you.


We are living in a world where information is the most expensive asset. If you want to sell your opinion and solve surveys for cash – try visiting some of the following websites. Although most marketers don’t pay a lot of money, there is hardly any limit on how much you can solve and deliver. The only requirement is fitting the desired demographic group.

So there you have it. The aforementioned are legitimate ways that can help you earn cash online with a minimum effort invested. If you have some suggestions yourself, please share your opinion. We won’t pay you money for it but the readers will certainly appreciate your advice.