Stepping Away From the Poverty Line: A Quick Guide On How Families Can Save and Still Have A Happy Lifestyle

Jun 25

On Friday (14 June) the Department of Work and Pensions announced that more than a million people in the UK have hit the poverty line since The Coalition took charge in 2010.

This revelation has highlighted the increasing need for people to re-evaluate their finances, while this news can provide a bleak outlook with just three simple lifestyle changes your finances can improve.


Go back to basics; cooking meals from scratch and using fresh ingredients will save you money every day. Taking the time to go out to more specific shops such as the local butchers or fruit and veg shop and buying local products at a cheaper rate will not only help your savings but also fund the local community. Introducing more ‘no frills’ brands into the pantry may not make you popular with the kids but it can save a high percentage from the original price you were paying. If you have a large family setting up an account with the wholesalers and buying in bulk can also make some considerable savings.

How about trying to become a vegetarian/cut down on your meat? While this might seem a drastic tactic the savings are large. Replacing meat with tofu, nuts, beans/lentils or egg will be cheaper and ensure you do not lose the vital nutrients and vitamins you need.


The constant gripe from many a family is the rising costs of bills. Many companies (especially electrical) offer complicated tariffs and confusing rates which makes it difficult to change over. We now have a much easier way to see if you are paying too much for your bill.


Trying to take the family on a trip is an expensive treat. Look out for free events across your area and bring your own food and drink.

Relaxing without the children can also be an inflated event but how about hosting dinner parties? This can be cost effective and you can impress friends with your new found veggie cooking skills!

Look for the right loan

To some a change of lifestyle can seem quite daunting but even just taking a couple of these tips can help you climb away from the dreaded poverty line without the pressure of going into debt.

If you do encounter difficulties then sometimes a loan is the only viable option and there are plenty of different types available. Making sure you get the right one is therefore important and the right loan is one which you can afford to repay and which matches your situation perfectly. Companies such as Everyday Loans offer personal credit loans and other short term loans that can be a viable optionfor immediate financial relief with a shorter repayment schedule that is more convenient for many. One of their biggest advantages is the fact they can even be taken if you have a poor credit rating, making them almost universally available.