State Minimum Wage Rates

Jun 03

Minimum wage requirements are something that has an impact on all of us at some point and most states have different requirements. The federal government’s minimum wage currently stands at $7.25 per hour for those of the appropriate age. Employers that are impacted by the Governments rate need to ensure employees are paid a higher wage if they are non-exempt. It is rare to come across an employee that is in fact exempt from the minimum wage rate. In this case, they must be paid accordingly.

If a state boasts a minimum wage that is in fact lower than the Governments rate, employees that are not exempt from the rate need to be paid in line with the federal wage. Again, it is rare to find an employee that this does not apply to.

The cost of living tends to determine the rate of wage that needs to be paid and some states are obligated to review the minimum wage annually. Periodical increases are undertaken by the remaining states. The chart, illustrates the minimum wage rates for each state in the US.

States set their minimum wage rates by requirements personal to each state. This can either increase or decrease the rate that employees receive, the requirements can depend on the size of the business, the needs of the employee and the benefits that are written into the contract.