Start Fresh With A Clear Head And Manage Your Debt Properly

Sep 25

Debt advice it is extremely important for anyone who has got themselves in financial difficulty. Most people are too proud to ask for help and feel that they are able to manage their debt properly without help. This may be true to a certain extent but what you will find is that if you are not an expert in financial law then you may be taken advantage of because you do not know what your rights are as a consumer.

Clearstart are a debt consolidation company that offer their advice for free with no upfront fees and can even recommend their own debt management plan. This starts to from free and does not have any monthly costs. You can also move to more structured and comprehensive debt management if you have very high amounts owed to creditors.

What is a debt management plan?

A debt management plan is commonly known as a DMP. It is where all of your creditors are contacted and one monthly payment from yourself is paid to Clearstart and this is then distributed evenly amongst the financial institutions and companies that you owe money to. A lot of debt management companies out there will charge a substantial fee to take on this responsibility.

You can pay as much as £250 upfront for the management fee plus a percentage of around 15% to 18% is charged on the monthly payments.

With Clearstart there is no upfront setup fee or monthly fees. In fact they will not charge you anything to manage your debt for you and they will be able to put you on one of their plans to help you become financially secure and stress free. This will allow you to carry on with your life and concentrate on work and home life instead of worrying about debt.

What else does this company offer?

On top of their free management plan they also offer more comprehensive financial payment solutions that can help people in all circumstances. It is important to point out that their financial and legal help is free. They will give you a no obligation consultation over the phone and help you manage your finances.

For those who are in a lot of trouble and may be at risk of losing their home or even their job they can offer an IVA plan. This can actually reduce your debts by around 50% to 60% whilst putting the rest of what you owe into a small manageable monthly payment.

There are a lot of companies out there who will promise the world and charge completely over the top fees for their services. This can be very off putting to a lot of people who are in financial trouble as they do not know who to trust. By getting free financial advice and managing your finances properly you will find that within a matter of a few years your position can be completely reversed and you will be better off and maybe you will be able to have some savings in the bank.