Shocking Figures Have Prompted More Mobile Phone Recycling

Jul 11

Mobile phone recycling is no longer a strange concept, and thankfully more people than ever before are considering this option. There are a massive number of mobile phones in the world as they have rapidly become part of everyday life. Mobile phone providers tend to offer upgrades often, which leave a large number of phones redundant.

The current figures for the number of mobile phones in circulation are staggering, and in the UK alone it is believed that there are over 90 million mobile phones. With over 18 million mobile phones being purchased every year, and these figures increasing, something needs to be done. This is why mobile phone recycling has become so popular.

It is no longer legal to simply throw your old mobile phone away as landfills cannot cope with the scale of waste that is produced. Also, mobile phones have components included that are toxic, and can contaminate the land. Manufacturers do have a responsibility to dispose of mobile phones correctly, in an environmentally friendly way.

This is why there are more schemes than ever before allowing everyone the opportunity to recycle their old mobile phones. It is estimated that over 70% of the population own more than one mobile phone. Many of these second phones are left in drawers and never used again, which is a problem that can be solved easily.

You can recycle your old mobile phone, help the environment and even get some money back. Many of the old mobile phones are in excellent condition, which means that they can be used for many more years. There is no reason to simply discard these phones, and you can benefit alongside the environment. Even the smallest amount of money can be helpful, rather than the mobile phone simply gathering dust on the shelf.

The companies that are available to recycle your mobile phone will offer you a price, which you are under no obligation to accept. If you are happy with the offer, the process is straightforward, and will ensure that your phone doesn’t end up on the landfill sites. Even if your phone is older or damaged, there may be a possibility that they still take the phone. Should you feel that your phone needs a repair and that it could then be fully functional for a year or so, you might be interested in getting your phone repaired from a repair service. Some phones, such as the iPhone, may require additional repair services as their assembly differs quite a bit from that of ordinary Android ones. In such a case, you can look for iPhone Repair services certified by Apple.

Some mobile phones are beyond repair, however, even these can be recycled, to avoid ending up on the landfill sites. The functioning parts will be removed and reused for low cost gadgets, which is an excellent way to recycle. Often these gadgets are sold to poorer countries, allowing other people to take advantage of your generosity.

Regardless of what you decide to do with the mobile phone you need to be conscious of where the phone will end up if you do not recycle correctly. Far too much rubbish in on ladfill sites, and this is affecting the whole world. Everyone can make a difference if they just took the time to recycle rather than throw in the household waste.