The Science of Consistently Providing Lower Prices

Sep 22

Okay, so we’re going to go a bit deep with this one, because frankly that’s what it takes to make good on one’s commitment to improve their finances, such as the situation I still find myself in (debt) and the situation I’m working very hard daily to get myself out of. I’ve come a really long way and have barely had time to post any real updates about just how far I’ve managed to slash my debt, but I guess that’s a good thing because what it means is that I can share some valuable information about the process itself.

So, there is a science to this debt annihilation thing and its formal name is the Actuarial Sciences, one of which constituents is in itself a science – the science of consistently providing lower prices. Naturally this would imply that we’re looking at things from the point of view of the retailers, vendors, service providers or any form of seller from whom you buy something. This science highlights key business operational decisions, some of which may appear to be very small and insignificant, but yeah, there is a correlation between something like a retailer’s decision to integrate a Clover point of sale unit into their store and the pricing of the goods and services that same retailer offers.

It’s as simple as this: certain retailers make it their number one mission to stay ahead of their competitors by seeking to gain any advantage they can, be it implementing payment processing systems (look at blogs that explain payment processing) to marginally shave off the costs associated with their daily operations; or indeed something like going the extra mile to make customers comfortable and happy so that those customers become repeat customers. At the end of the day, if a technology or process can save time for businesses while giving them an edge to make more money, why wouldn’t they go for it?

I’m not suggesting that every single retailer which has a Clover Mini system forming part of their payment processing infrastructure fits this mould, but a focus on quality systems such as these says a whole lot about their attention to the sort of detail which ultimately benefits the customer in the long run. Naturally, the main consideration is that of costs in the form of business expenses and if as a consumer you patronise businesses and service providers that apply this science of cost-saving, for you as the consumer it becomes the science of consistently benefitting from the lower prices you’ll subsequently enjoy.

In my specific case this study of the science of consistently providing lower prices is something I could approach with some insider information from a friend who works in the financial industry, with one of the clients that friend works very closely with being that of Some of the “insider” data and information I received is very specific, published as part of the official data analysis studies which take place behind the scenes in the retail industry, where one of the points of study is that of finding a correlation between the point of sales solutions retailers use and their commitment to consistently providing their customers with lower prices.

So as part of my debt annihilation terrace, saving every little penny I can is aided immensely by using this insider data.