Save Money with Temporary Van Insurance

Aug 09

Everybody knows… There are times when the use of a van is necessary to move large and bulky items. If you don’t own your own van it is possible to rent or borrow one. It is very important to have van insurance on it so you are completely covered in the event of an accident. Even when you borrow a van from a friend you will want to know there is full coverage. Think how bad you would feel if something happened to your friend’s van. That means carrying insurance just for a short period of time. With temporary van insurance it is possible to have all the coverage you need to protect yourself and the van.

Buying Temporary Van Insurance

Did you know you don’t have to get full year coverage to carry insurance on the van? There is temporary coverage that you can purchase. Temporary van insurance gives you all the cover you need to be fully protected. That means you can get comprehensive cover to cover everything on the van. There will be no high repair bills to worry about. Temporary van coverage can be purchased for several months or just for a few days. It is definitely cheaper than buying a full year on a van you only need for a short period of time.

Who Needs Car Insurance?

In the UK there are very stiff penalties for driving without insurance. Anyone driving on the roads must carry insurance. There have been too many serious accidents with serious injuries. If you cause an accident you are responsible for making the injured party whole again. This would be impossible without insurance. Therefore if you plan on driving on the roads you are required to have insurance. If you’re trying to find a viable insurance policy for yourself, you may wish to look at some of the cheap van insurance options available from different insurers. There is no reason you can’t carry temporary insurance, however.

Who Can Get Temporary Van Insurance?

Nearly anyone needing van insurance can get a temporary policy. You will have to meet certain requirements, however. Most insurance companies that carry temporary cover will require you to be a certain age. You will also have to have a UK driver’s license. If there are modifications to the van you wish to insure it will be difficult to find an insurance company to insure the van.

The Pros and Cons of Temporary Insurance

The pros definitely outweigh the cons for temporary van insurance. It makes sense to have coverage that is temporary when you only plan on having the van for a short period of time. The pros include:

* Saves money over having your annual policy changed to include the van.

* It protects the no claims bonus you have earned over the years.

* Can carry full cover for a very reasonable rate.

* Gives you all the insurance you need to be legal while driving

* It is easy to get approved for temporary van insurance.
As for cons, there are always one or two. Nothing can be perfect. Here are cons to temporary insurance.

* Not everyone will be able to get it. There is an age restriction so young people will have trouble getting approved.
The wise move is to look into cover that doesn’t affect your annual policy. There will be no worries of damaging your annual cover when you carry temporary van insurance.