Save Money with Lock Rekey

Sep 07

One of the most common problems that homeowners tend to face is loss of home keys. However, this is something that no one should ever have to worry about. Though you can make the decision to get in touch with the nearest locksmith in Norcross ga that offer such services in order to ensure that you can get back into your home, it is also important to know that you may not need to buy a new lock and install it when your keys are lost.

There is an alternative solution, which is lock rekey. Lock rekey allows one to keep the current locks and benefit from the advantages of having new ones. Replacing lock hardware can be very expensive and not necessary in many cases. Rekeying, on the other hand, is a more affordable solution that has the same impact on security.

Lock rekey is done for several different reasons, including losing a key or not knowing if there are other people who may have keys from previous owners. When it comes to family, home and personal belongings, not knowing how secure they really are, is very scary. Many homeowners are happy with their current locks and only need different key settings to have them secured again. To ensure that it’s done correctly, lock rekeying should be performed by a locksmith.

What is Lock Rekey?

It is a relatively short procedure that changes the code combination inside a lock, thus turning it “immune” to its original key. A trained professional can have locks in an entire house rekeyed in just a couple of hours. Businesses should also consider this method, especially where money and other valuables are kept. Rekeying at least once a year will also ensure that employees and the business are completely safe.

This process is not only cost-effective, it gives control of knowing where all keys are kept and who has them. Once this service is provided, all the old keys will stop operating. Without key control, there is no secure facility. Most high quality locks can be rekeyed, and if they are not damaged – there is no reason to replace them with new ones.

When Rekeying Makes Sense?

  • If keys get lost
  • When a new house is bought
  • Once an unreliable employee gets fired
  • When there is a need to make all locks fit the same key
  • As long as the existing locks are in good condition

The process of rekeying has its advantages, for those who want to have a safe and more secure environment, without paying a higher price. Lock rekeying is always a cheaper option for the customer, because there is no need to purchase a brand new lock

There’s also the option of creating a master key system. This is when all doors open have different keys, but one master key can open all doors. If you need to be able to open multiple doors, but it feels annoying to carry numerous keys (that often even look very similar) all the time, making a master key is a great solution.

Last but not least, it’s very important to keep in mind the fact that lock rekey affects security directly, hence it’s very important to make sure that the process is done right. While not being the most complicated procedure, lock rekeying does require a professional approach, so it’s better to let a qualified locksmith technician do the job, rather than trying to do it yourself.